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RatIRL: Exactly What You Required To Understand About L9

L9 is a term that almost everyone has heard in League of Legends. However, not everyone knows the history behind it. Low Nine or L9 is a troll EUW group founded by RatIRL and 0bsess. Including them the four core members of this group. They are all very good ELO players and now play in big streamers and professional leagues.

Other members were also outstanding in solo queue, and they established a name for their own in the LOL community. This article will assist you in understanding more about the L9 and its members and the story of RatIRL.

L9 members are identified by their toxicity and their talent.

The hugely played and competitive games like League of Legends unite players with different personalities on a single platform. It shouldn't be a surprise to find some rude players among them that look down upon other players. This is something that everyone has had at some point in his or her life. Certain players, on the other hand are able to inspire other players with their expertise and top-of-the-line gameplay. There are a handful of players who fit the L9 members' personalities. They are both extremely good and rude in the same time. Check out our site for effective information on the story of RatIRL right now.

RatIRL and 0bsess were the only two members of L9 in the beginning. RatIRL became a big success within the LOL community when people realized that RatIRL was a professional gamer. The community was influenced by the RatIRL in a variety of ways and gave the already toxic community the ability to make use of L9 as a way to fuel their self-esteem. People show their dedication by including L9 or Low9 in their gamer tags even until today.

It started out as a joke, and people began to mock them. They eventually became a member of the group or hired for LOL boosts. L9 would constantly change clans, as it would fill up with players. Some players would even pay them to be a part their team. The Legends league's history is filled with the memories of what began as a joke.

There are more L9 members than listed below, here are a few players who stand out the most in one way or another.


Flaming and trash talking defined his character at the time. He has since honed his game and is playing for other teams. Right now, he's a member of mousesports and performing quite good.


The person who is responsible for the legacy of L9 is the story of RatIRL. While it began with the duo of 0bsess and him waiting in line the number of people queuing up quickly doubled. Before he became famous on Twitch, RatIRL was known as one of the most popular gamers in LOL boosting.

RatIRL boosted accounts so fast that some accused the hacker of being a victim, which is the most non-intentional compliment, as every LOL player can attest. Even though RatIRL was never hacker, he's been banned more than once.


Despite his fame in the media, he wasn't the most famous member of L9 because he rarely streamed. He would either get drunk or play in a relaxed and non-interesting manner.

Although best known as the duo member of RatIRL, Ap0calypse ended up creating a name for himself and also in the shape of the number one Mordekaiser player in the world. If you consider his ranking, it is possible that Ap0calypse did some boosts for L9 also.

L9 in the Current State

Each story comes to an end, as did the L9 which is likely to be the best outcome. There are rumors that suggest that players don't have a conversation in the future. Even the most cherished friends, RatIRL and 0bsess seem to be separating, considering they did not form a join a duo queue for a long time. Selfmademan took a more definite line towards his approach and it makes sense.

In spite of their identity, L9 members set a solid example that an improvement can be made for any person. They are the League competitive scene and the streaming platform. They are a model for others in some way. This is also a sign of how the League of Legends community has been able to grow in the last few years.

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