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SeaLife SportDiver Ultra Smartphone Housing
SeaLife 6in Wide Angle Dome Lens for SportDiver
SeaLife 52mm Wide Angle Dome Lens for SportDiver
Ikelite USB Charging & Data Transfer Bulkhead
Nauticam Fisheye Conversion Port (FCP)

Got your compact, mirrorless, or DSLR camera? Invested in lenses and lighting? Well, you can’t build your dream underwater rig without accessorizing! If you’re into macro photography, you might want a nice close-up wet lens or two. If you prefer shooting the big stuff, you’ll want to consider a quality wide-angle attachment. What about taking your video to the next level with an HDMI monitor? And how about trying some creative effects with filters or snoots? If you need any of these things, you’ve come to the right place.


  1. Wide-Angle Wet Lenses
  2. Macro Wet Lenses
  3. Monitor/Recorders
  4. Filters
  5. Snoots
  6. Miscellaneous

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1. Wide-Angle Wet Lenses

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SeaLife Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens

When the Micro 3.0 was announced, among the headline upgrades—4K/30p recording with no crop, faster 10fps burst shooting, minimal shutter lag, and a higher-resolution 2.4-inch LCD—was a more subtle one: a new sharper built-in lens with a field of view of 100°. By comparison, the lens on the Micro 2.0 had a 130° field of view, but distortion and corner softness were both noticeable. SeaLife’s newest lens is thus the perfect companion to the Micro 3.0, converting its 19mm equivalent lens to an equivalent focal length of 13.3mm, but with minimal distortion and softness in the corners. $350 | www.sealife-cameras.com

AOI UWL-03 0.73X Wide Angle Conversion Lens for Action Camera & Phone

Specially designed for action cameras and smartphones, AOI’s new wide-angle wet lens corrects for the distortion caused by the flat port of an underwater housing and allows you to get much closer to subjects—as much as four times closer, according to AOI. The lens attaches to compatible housings using a locking bayonet-type mount called Quick Release System-02 (QRS-02), or Q2 for short. With an underwater angle of coverage of up to 140°, you can capture the biggest animals, largest wrecks, and most expansive reef scenes. $200 | www.aoi-uw.com | www.backscatter.com

Backscatter M52 Wide Angle Lenses for Olympus TG Series

The TG-6 can shoot crazy macro, but if you want to capture big animals or reefscapes, you’ll need a suitable wet attachment. Backscatter offers two possibilities: The M52 Wide Angle Air Lens restores the camera’s topside field of view underwater to a more usable 81° (from around 60°), while the higher-end M52 Wide Angle Lens gives you a full 120° angle of view. These lenses will mount directly to any TG-5/TG-6 housing with a 52mm thread. $450 (Wide Angle Lens) www.backscatter.com | $180 (Wide Angle Air Lens) www.backscatter.com

M52 Wide Angle Lens M52 Wide Angle Air Lens


Ikelite Dome Port for Olympus TG-6 with Olympus Fisheye Converter

For topside users of the latest TG-series cameras, Olympus has created an excellent fisheye converter that allows shooters to capture both circular (8mm full-frame equiv.) and diagonal fisheye (15mm full-frame equiv.) shots when zooming to either end of the zoom range. How awesome would it be to use this underwater? Well, now you can with Ikelite’s specially designed dome port for its TG-5 and TG-6 housings. Weighing just 11.8oz (335g) in air, the port has an acetal body and an acrylic dome, and includes a shade that allows you to place the dome face down for easy assembly and disassembly. $350 (dome only) www.ikelite.com | $575 (dome with Olympus FCON-T02 lens and CLA-T01 adapter kit) | www.ikelite.com

Fantasea-AOI UWL-400F and UWL-09F Wide-Angle Wet Lenses

Fantasea and AOI team up to produce various quality wet attachments, and they offer two excellent wide-angle examples: the UWL-400F and the UWL-09F. Designed for compacts with built-in lenses that are 24mm (equivalent) at their widest, the UWL-400F gives you a field of view of 120 degrees. There are two versions of the UWL-400: The UWL400F has the standard 67mm thread mount only, while the UWL400Q can also accommodate the QRS bayonet mounting system. The UWL-09F, on the other hand, is designed to be a no-compromise wide-angle solution for compact, mirrorless or DSLR housings that allows you to take on any composition, including close-focus wide angle and over-under images. Offering zero minimum focus distance and a field of view of up to 130 degrees, it features a polycarbonate dome, a hard-anodized aluminum barrel, and a 67mm thread mount. There’s also a “Pro” version of the lens that features a glass dome. $500 (UWL-400F) | www.fantasea.com | $538 (UWL-400Q) | www.fantasea.com | $875 (UWL-09F) | www.fantasea.com | $1,200 (UWL-09Pro) | www.fantasea.com

UWL-400F UWL-09F


Inon UWL-95 C24 Wide Conversion Lens with Dome

As the name suggests, the UWL-95 C24 is designed for use with any camera with a zoom lens that is 24mm at the wide end, and Inon has two popular camera systems in mind in particular: Sony’s RX100 series and Olympus’ TG series. On its own, the wide-angle wet lens will give you a maximum angle of view of 95° underwater, and if you augment it with Inon’s Dome Lens Unit III, this can be increased up to an impressive 141°. The dome is available in either acrylic (IIIA) or glass (IIIG). www.inon.jp | $435 (M67 Type 1) www.backscatter.com | $435 (M67 Type 2) | www.backscatter.com | $420 (M52) | www.backscatter.com | $140 (Acrylic Dome) | www.backscatter.com | $265 (Glass Dome) | www.backscatter.com

Nauticam WWL-1B (Wet Wide Lens 1B)

The WWL-1B wet wide-angle conversion lens is designed to transform your system’s 28mm lens and give it a field of view of around 130°—while delivering exceptional clarity, contrast, and sharpness, from the center of the frame to the edges. Moreover, unlike most wet lenses, the WWL-1B is designed to work with zooms (28mm at their widest), including compact cameras’ built-in lenses, Micro Four Thirds systems with power zoom lenses, and even full-frame zoom lenses. This “B” edition of the WWL-1 features an integrated aluminum buoyancy collar that makes the lens almost weighless in water. $1,595 | www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com

Nauticam WWL-C (Wet Wide Lens for Compact Cameras)

Compatible with compact, Micro Four Thirds and full-frame cameras with a 28mm equivalent lens, the original WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens was designed to produce a 130º field of view along with stunning corner sharpness and offer incredible close-focus capabilities. The WWL-C produces the same 130º field of view but for 24mm equivalent lenses—perfect for transforming compacts like the Olympus Tough TG-6 into lean, mean wide-angle machines! $1,182 www.nauticam.com www.backscatter.com

Nauticam WACP-1 (Wide Angle Conversion Port 1)

Unlike wide-angle wet lenses, the WACP-1 is a “dry” corrective optic. Specifically designed to modify a 28mm full-frame lens, it produces an extremely sharp 130º field of view while allowing for extreme close-focus wide-angle shots. It ships with an aluminum float collar as well as an N120-to-N100 port adapter to allow easy attachment to different Nauticam housings. $5,159 www.nauticam.com www.backscatter.com

Nauticam WACP-2 (Wide Angle Conversion Port 2)

Employing a similar concept to the WACP-1, the WACP-2 is optimized to work with a 14mm full-frame lens to produce a mind-boggling 140° field of view while maintaining full zoom-through optical capability. As well as being able to focus extremely close for creative close-focus wide angle images, the WACP-2 can focus in air, making it the ultimate tool for split images. $9,287 www.nauticam.com www.backscatter.com

Nauticam Macro to Wide-Angle Lens 1 (MWL-1)

The MWL-1 Macro to Wide-Angle Lens is a particularly intriguing prospect: It turns a 60mm macro lens into an ultra-wide lens with a 150-degree field of view. Why? By just flipping the MWL-1 in and out, mirrorless and DSLR users can do what they normally can’t do without switching lenses: shoot both macro and wide-angle on the same dive. Genius. $2,345 | www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com


2. Macro Wet Lenses

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SeaLife Super Macro Lens for Micro Series and RM-4K

If you want to shoot the small stuff with SeaLife’s Micro-series cameras or the RM-4K, you’ll need this handy wet attachment with its easy-to-use rubber press-on lens mount. The two-element Super Macro Lens will allow you to capture macro images and videos from 3.5" to 7" (9cm to 18cm), making it possible for even the ocean’s tiniest critters to fill the frame. $110 | www.sealife-cameras.com

ReefNet SubSee Magnifier +5 and +10

Working with both full-frame and compact cameras, ReefNet’s SubSee Magnifier +5 has a 52mm diameter lens and a wide field of view. The standard 67mm mounting thread allows the lens to be screwed directly onto various housing ports. Alternatively, ReefNet supplies optional flip-type adapters to provide compatibility with all the major housings. The SubSee comes in two-element +5 and four-element +10 diopter versions. $195 (SubSee +5) | www.reefnet.ca | www.backscatter.com | $225 (SubSee +10) | www.backscatter.com

SubSee Magnifier +5 SubSee Magnifier +10


Aquatica +5 and +10

Aquatica offers their dual-element close-up wet lens in both +5 and +10 diopter versions and they can be used with both full-frame and compact housings, via a standard 67mm thread. Aquatica offers additional single- and double-hinged versions of its flip holders for use with their own housings, as well as a lens caddy which mounts on their housing grip and provides a convenient way of storing close-up lenses when not in use. $205 (+5 Close-Up Lens) | www.aquatica.ca | www.backscatter.com | $230 (+10 Close-Up Lens) | www.aquatica.ca | www.backscatter.com

+5 Close-up Lens +10 Close-up Lens


Inon UCL-330M67, UCL-165M67, UCL-90M67 and UCL-67M67

Japanese company Inon have produced high-quality go-to wet optics for years, and they have a comprehensive lineup with standard 67mm threaded mounts as well as bayonet mount versions. The UCL-67 offers an optical power of up to +15 diopters; the UCL-90, up to +11 diopters; and the UCL-165, up to +6 diopters. The UCL-330 is a similar two-element design to the UCL-165 but offers a little lower magnification; both have screw mounts on the front and can be stacked. All the lenses in the series can be used with compact, mirrorless and DSLR cameras. $155 (UCL-330M67) | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com | $155 (UCL-165M67) | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com | $320 (UCL-90M67) | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com | $327 (UCL-67M67) | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com |

UCL-330 UCL-165

UCL-90 UCL-67


Fantasea-AOI UCL-05LF, UCL-06LF, UCL-09F and UCL-900F

The collaboration between Fantasea and AOI has produced a fine selection of macro wet lenses with hard-anodized aluminum lens bodies and glass elements with anti-reflection coatings. The lenses include +6-diopter (UCL-05LF) and +12-diopter (UCL-06LF) macro lenses, as well as +12.5-diopter (UCL-09F) and +15-diopter (UCL-900F) super-macro lenses. They are designed to be compatible with almost any camera, from compact to mirrorless to DSLR, thanks to the inclusion of a standard 67mm thread mount. $225 (UCL-05LF) | www.fantasea.com | $275 (UCL-06LF) | www.fantasea.com | $400 (UCL-09F) | www.fantasea.com | $400 (UCL-900F) | www.fantasea.com




Nauticam SMC-1/SMC-2 Super Macro Converters

Full-frame mirrorless and DSLR users who want the best optical quality possible in their macro attachments need look no further than Nauticam’s SMC-1 and SMC-2, which offer up to 2.3x and up to 4x magnification, respectively. As with other Nauticam optics, the SMCs are designed specifically for underwater use and employ the highest quality optical grade glass to achieve exceptional resolution, excellent sharpness and contrast, and minimal aberrations and deformations, while also offering more working distance compared to traditional close-up lenses. $628 (SMC-1) | www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com | $1,116 (SMC-2) | www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com



Nauticam CMC-1/CMC-2 Compact Macro Converters

The CMC-1 is a powerful close-up lens accessory for compact cameras inspired by Nauticam’s Super Macro Converter (SMC-1). Nauticam doesn’t specify the dioptric power, but gives the average magnification of the CMC-1 as 4.5x. If that gets you a bit too close and proves a little tricky to use, you’ve got the option of the more moderately powerful CMC-2, which offers an average magnification of 2.8x. Both lenses employ low-dispersion optical grade glass, while anti-reflective coatings reduce optical issues such as chromatic aberration, spherical aberration, and field deformation. Each lens comes with the common 67mm threaded mount, making them compatible with a variety of housings in addition to Nauticam’s own. $469 (CMC-1) | www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com | $413 (CMC-2) | www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com



Nauticam Extended Macro Wide Lens (EMWL)

Aside from their much-respected housings, Nauticam has a reputation for producing innovative wet lenses. The pinnacle of these “water contact optics”—as the company likes to call them—is also the newest addition: the Extended Macro Wide Lens, or EMWL for short, which is designed to be used with common macro lenses. This elaborate modular system consists of three individual pieces—the Focusing Unit (various types for different camera brands), the Relay Module and the Objective Lens (60°, 100°, 130°, 160°)—which combine together to form a probe-like attachment that can be placed in unusually tight spaces. The result is perhaps best described as extreme close-focus wide angle—a never-before-seen perspective that allows you, for example, to fill the frame with a tiny nudibranch while fitting a diver in the background. EWML images have already started picking up awards in underwater photography competitions… $1,406 (Focusing Unit) www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com | $1,625 (Relay Lens) | www.backscatter.com | $1,538 (60° Objective Lens) | www.backscatter.com | $1,406 (100° Objective Lens) | www.backscatter.com | $1,669 (130° Objective Lens) | www.backscatter.com | $2,812 (160° Objective Lens) | www.backscatter.com

Seacam Achromat 4.0 Supermacro Lens and Flip System

Not a company known for doing things by halves, Seacam has recently added a second supermacro wet lens to its high-end catalog, and this time there’s some serious magnification on offer: As the name suggests, the Achromat 4.0 will magnify your macro subject an impressive four times—double the magnification of the company’s original Achromat 2.0. Both lenses can be paired with Seacam’s new flip system, which mounts on their MIP 60 or MIP 80 microports. The Single Flip Adapter Base is designed for one lens, and if you add the Dual Flip Adapter Extension, it will accommodate two. $1,185 (Achromat 4.0) www.seacam.com | www.backscatter.com | $430 (Single Flip Adapter Base) | www.backscatter.com | $225 (Dual Flip Adapter Extension) | www.backscatter.com

Saga Trio

This three-in-one macro wet lens system provides users with three levels of magnification—all in one clever device. Using external levers, a +5 diopter or +10 diopter lens can be rotated into position—or both together for a combined +15 diopter lens. Best if used with a 100mm or 105mm macro lens, the Trio also works with a 60mm, 150mm, or 180mm. The device easily attaches to macro ports with a 67mm thread, but it can also be fitted to different size ports with adapters available through Saga. $825 | www.sagadive.com | www.backscatter.com


3. Monitor/Recorders

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Atomos Ninja V/V+

Atomos has held a virtual monopoly on monitor/recorders. For many years, the go-to monitor/recorder for enthusiast filmmakers was the Ninja V, which is able to capture 4K/60p ProRes RAW. As 8K-capable cameras have appeared on the scene, Atomos has obliged with the Ninja V+, which can capture 8K/30p ProRes RAW as well as 4K/120p ProRes RAW. Whether you’ve got a Canon EOS R5, Nikon Z9, Sony Alpha 1, Sony FX6/FX9 or Z Cam E2/E2-M4, Atomos has you covered. $600 (Ninja V) www.atomos.com | www.backscatter.com | $1,500 (Ninja V+) www.atomos.com | www.backscatter.com

Nauticam Housing for Atomos Ninja V/V+

If you want pro-level video monitoring via the Atomos Ninja, Nauticam has two housing solutions with different connectivity options. Their NA-NINJA V housing is built around twin large-bore M28 bulkheads supporting HDMI 2.0, allowing you to take full advantage of the maximum recording quality offered by the Ninja V and V+. The NA-NINJA V-S version of the housing supports both HDMI 2.0 and SDI surface monitoring via the AtomX SDI module and an SDI cable up to 45m (~150ft). The touchscreen controls can be operated on the housing via a series of buttons and a selector knob. Like Nauticam’s camera housings, the monitor housing comes with the company’s vacuum check and leak detection system. $2,786 (NA-NINJA V)www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com | $3,096 (NA-NINJA V-S)www.nauticam.com | www.backscatter.com


Seacam Housing for Atomos Ninja V/V+

If you’re serious about your underwater filmmaking, and you want to access your camera’s highest-quality video formats, you’ll want to invest in a monitor/recorder like the Atomos Ninja V or Ninja V+. (The former can record up to 4K/60p ProRes RAW, while the latter can capture up to 8K/30p and 4K/120p in ProRes RAW.) Seacam’s housing is compatible with both and offers basic control of their functions. Like Seacam’s camera housings, the unit comes with a leak detector as standard. $2,900 | www.seacam.com | www.backscatter.com

Aquatica 5HD Monitor

Known for crafting beautiful underwater housings, Aquatica also makes awesome monitors for underwater videographers. The 5HD Monitor packs a bright 5.7” IPS LED backlit display boasting Full HD (1920x1080px) resolution, 460 cd/m² brightness, and a 1400:1 contrast ratio. There are also on-board focus peaking and false colour functions to assist in focusing and exposure. The monitor can be configured with any one of a variety of HDMI connectors. Plus, it comes in cool black or stylish red versions. $1,795 | www.aquatica.ca | www.backscatter.com



4. Filters

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Backscatter Color Filter System

Want an accessory that opens up exciting creative possibilities? Just attach a filter holder to Backscatter’s Mini Flash (MF-1) and click in any one of the filters in Backscatter’s Color Filter System. The full bundle includes a bold filter set, pastel filter set, and two holders—one that’s compatible with the MF-1 strobe (and also Backscatter’s Macro Wide MW-4300 video light), and another that can be attached to the company’s Optical Snoot (OS-1). $99 (Full Bundle)www.backscatter.com

Bold filter set Pastel filter set


Auto-Magic Filters

As any newbie shooter quickly appreciates, you don’t have to dive down very far before the colorful reef becomes awash with blues and greens. You can get back the reds, oranges and yellows with strobes or LED lights, but you also have the option of using a filter. Auto-Magic filters are specifically designed for compact camera users who want great color without the hassle of using flash. The filters are available as thin gels that can be cut to shape for internal mounting or 3mm acrylic external filter that mount to your housing. There are more than a dozen options for threaded mounts of different sizes, from 37mm to 82mm. $57–115 | www.backscatter.com


5. Snoots

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Inon Snoot Set for Z-330 and D-200

The ability to shape the light from your strobe is a crucial aspect of more-creative macro photography, and Inon has given shooters plenty of options with the company’s new “snoot set” for its Z-330 and D-200 (Type 1 or Type 2) strobes. The modular approach gives you six different beam coverages, from controlling a diffused wide-angle beam to creating a narrow spotlight. $220 | www.inon.jp | www.backscatter.com

Seacam Snoot Set for Seaflash 60D or 160D

Well-heeled shooters of Seacam’s shiny silver imaging products have a couple of excellent strobes to chose from—the Seaflash 60D and Seaflash 160D—and there are three-piece snoot sets available for both. The device contains special lenses to concentrate the beam down the tube. $415 (Seaflash 60D) | www.seacam.com | www.backscatter.com | $415 (Seaflash 160D) | www.backscatter.com

Sea&Sea Snoot for YS-D3 Lightning

If you’re the owner of Sea&Sea’s top strobe, the YS-D3 Lightning (Mark I or Mark II), you’ll want this simple gadget for all your macro needs. The snoot narrows the beam angle through an opening of diameter 25mm (~1 inch). The device features an internal prism that centers the axes of the strobe light and the target light. $80 | www.seaandsea.jp | www.backscatter.com

Retra LSD

There are ordinary snoots and then there is the Retra Light Shaping Device. Better known as the LSD, this “super snoot” doesn’t just direct your flash through a smaller opening, it uses a lens, mask and diffuser to, well, shape your strobe light exactly the way you want it. Since it’s designed to shape the target light from your strobe as well, you can see exactly how the beam looks before you hit the shutter. The LSD consists of the Optical Tube and the Mounting Module, which comes in a variety of types for almost every strobe you can think of. $370 www.retra-uwt.com www.backscatter.com


6. Miscellaneous

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Ikelite USB Charging & Data Transfer Bulkhead

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. For instance, wouldn’t it just be awesome if you could leave your camera in the housing and never have to bother taking it out to recharge it or download your photos and videos? Well, now you can! Ikelite’s USB Charging & Data Transfer Bulkhead allows you to do just that (assuming your camera offers the capability). Compatible with select Ikelite 200DL and 50DL underwater housings, the new bulkhead installs easily via the M16 port and comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable that connects the port to your camera inside the housing. After installation, all you need to do is unscrew the bulkhead cap and plug in. Genius. $175 www.ikelite.com www.backscatter.com

Ikelite Ball Arm System for HDMI Monitors

Ikelite gives you the option of custom-ordering most of its housings with a large-bore M24 port, allowing you to hook up an Atomos Ninja V/V+ via HDMI 2.0. Ikelite’s new ball arm system tackles the practicalities of using a (housed) monitor/recorder, allowing it to be quickly and easily positioned wherever desired—for example, above the housing or directly behind it. The ball arm system comprises three 5-inch Ball Arms, three Standard Ball Clamps, and one Sliding Ball Mount. $350 | www.ikelite.com

Ikelite DS Link TTL Converters

Ikelite has made it a breeze to enable TTL flash exposure with your camera of choice: All you need to do is add the relevant TTL converter to your housing (Ikelite/non-Ikelite) and an Ikelite DS-series strobe (or preferably two). The converters support various cameras and housings, don’t require batteries (they’re powered by the strobe), support rear curtain sync and flash exposure compensation set in camera, and crucially, allow you to toggle between TTL and manual modes on the fly at the press of a button. $375 (DL1 for Nikon) | www.ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com | $425 (DL2 for Sony) | www.ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com | $375 (DL3 for Panasonic/Olympus) | www.ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com | $375 (DL4 for Fujifilm) | www.ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com | $375 (DL5 for Canon) | www.ikelite.com | www.backscatter.com

Ikelite RC1 Olympus and Panasonic TTL Receiver for DS Strobes

If you want perfect TTL exposure and you’ve got a camera like the Olympus TG-6 and a housing equipped with fiber-optic ports, you’ll need this gadget to convert the camera’s flash output to an electrical signal compatible with your Ikelite DS-series strobes. What’s more, you can easily fine-tune exposure by using the camera’s flash exposure compensation. The RC1 works with various Olympus and Panasonic cameras offering RC flash mode, and housings by brands such as Ikelite, Olympus, Nauticam, Isotta, and Recsea. $150 www.ikelite.com www.backscatter.com

Inon Underwater Tripod System

Inon’s Underwater Tripod System is truly a “system”—customizable for a variety of cameras and purposes. Essentially, the system is composed of the “UW Tripod Hub” and the “UW 3-Way Panhead,” which can then be combined with Inon’s array of carbon fiber and stick arms to build a tripod. Videographers can take advantage of the added stability, while macro still shooters can use the camera’s fixed position to manually focus on tiny critters. $220 (Tripod Hub) | $150 (3-Way Panhead) | www.inon.co.jp

Ikelite Anti-Reflection Rings for Lenses

If you’ve ever experienced those annoying white rings or words reflecting off your dome port and onto your precious images, Ikelite’s anti-reflection rings might be the best 10 bucks you ever spent! Each ring has a matte finish and is designed for use with specific lenses from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony. $10 | www.ikelite.com www.backscatter.com

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