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Destination Portfolio: Nicholas More, Lembeh Strait (Part II)
By Daniel Norwood, May 7, 2023 @ 07:00 AM (EST)

A bright pink goby blends in perfectly with its coral background

Some places are so special that a single Destination Portfolio just isn’t enough! Indonesia’s Lembeh Strait is surely one of them. Despite featuring a selection of amazing images in Nick More’s Lembeh Destination Portfolio, the British Underwater Photographer of the Year actually sent us many more, so we decided to add a second part to showcase the rest of his incredible macro work.

Although Nick lives on the other side of the world, he is a regular visitor to Indonesia, and clearly knows how to make the most of his time underwater in this iconic dive destination. Below you will find more of the region’s famous critters, all shot using a variety of advanced photography techniques. I’m sure Nick kept a few of his best images to himself too, so even though this is our first ever two-part Destination Portfolio, don’t expect it to be the last you see from Nick’s highly productive trip to the Lembeh Strait!

Motion blur adds a special effect to this fish portrait

An ornate ghost pipefish hiding among the crinoids

A fang blenny makes an empty bottle home in the muck

Razorfish fill the frame in another effective motion-blur shot

Zanzibar whip coral shrimp have the perfect camoflage

An arresting hairy frogfish portrait

A blue-ring octopus strikes a rock star pose

A popcorn shrimp against a perfect purple background

A ribbon eel shot with a razor-thin depth of field

A bright orange seahorse on the black sand slopes

A harlequin sweetlips gets an unusual black-and-white treatment

A full frontal peacock mantis shrimp portrait

A ghostly Harlequin ghost pipefish


A purple pygmy squid hovers for a picture

A clownfish hides in its host anemone

A coconut octopus makes full use of a shell in the sand

A perfectly composed Chromodoris nudibranch

Another tiny squid levitates in a coral outcrop

A pair of Coleman shrimp in their fire urchin host

For more of Nick’s beautiful images, visit his Instagram page or check out our Photographer of the Week article featuring him and his work.


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