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Big Animals – Crocodiles, Mexico

When it comes to being a successful predator, crocodiles are the kings. They are ambush predators that lay waiting for their dinner to come close and then they attack. They can see in the dark, smell and hear their prey, have 80 teeth, and one of the strongest bites of any animal. So what do we want to do? Get in the water and take photos of them, obviously.


Most crocodile encounters are done on snorkel. Xcalak is very remote and primitive with no resorts or hotels nearby. Crocodiles are an apex predator, so being experienced and comfortable in the water is necessary. Crocodiles usually aren’t active till the afternoon, making mornings a good time to photograph them.

Recommended Operator

When to Dive

August to November.


Few other destinations offer the consistency of wild crocs in a safe environment as Chinchorro Banks. In Papua New Guinea, you can often arrange for the opportunity to photograph a croc in a safe situation. Go with Walindi Plantation Resort. There’s also a small chance to spot small crocs in the waters of Palau and near the famed Jellyfish Lake. Go with Sam’s Tours or the Palau Siren


Pro Tips

Outlast your group: Everyone is eager to jump in at noon when the crocs show up, but the midday sun will wear everyone out. Instead take a break and wait for sunset. Then go for the split shot and be the envy of everyone else.


Use strobes: Although its super shallow and the sun is usually burning, use your strobes to fill in shadows like the underbelly or neck of the croc—you’ll get great detail.


Keep an eye on all the players. Unlike sharks, crocs are crafty. You can easily get five or more crocs and they love to sneak up on you. Avoid putting yourself in a dangerous position and keep count and position of all the crocs in the playground.Rodrigo Friscione


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