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Photographer of the Week – Todd Winner
By Joseph Tepper, November 22, 2018 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

A classic California over-under shot

With a name like Todd Winner, how could his work be anything but triumphant? Shot after shot after shot in this Cali-based underwater photographer’s portfolio is a hit. 

If you’ve been following Todd’s work, this should be of little surprise. He’s been diving and photographing marine life for nearly 30 years, with his work appearing in commercials, museum exhibits, and private collections. And, for those magazine lovers amongst us, you’d be hard-pressed to pick up a copy of Sport Diver or Scuba Diving bereft of Todd’s images.

Additionally, Todd gets the chance to test out all the latest gear as an equipment specialist for Nauticam. He is also a member of the Ocean Artists Society and leads expeditions throughout the year. In January 2020, Todd will join DPG Editor Joe Tepper and Saeed Rashid to co-host the extremely popular Capturing Critters Underwater Photo Workshop at Lembeh Resort.

A humboldt squid shows off its tentacles near the surface at night

Nudibranchs are some of Todd’s favorite macro subjects and are always well-lit and in pin-sharp focus

A blue shark swims near the surface off California

Todd effectively uses the head of a hawksbill turtle to partially block the sunball behind

A free-swimming crab contrasts against the surface of the water

A giant manta ray swoops by, accompanied by a pair of remoras

A sailfin blenny shows off its colors in a brilliant display

A booby bird puts its head underwater to take a peek at the alien visitor

Backlighting transforms a standard nudibranch shot into something special

The use of a slow shutter speed adds a sense of motion to this busy reef scene

A straight-on profile image of a cuttlefish

This pike blenny comes out of its hole to greet the photographer

A sea lion silhouette

Todd cools off as he takes a break from taking awesome underwater photos

For more of Todd’s exceptional work, visit www.toddwinner.com or www.immersedimaging.com.  


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