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Photographer of the Week – Theresa Guise
By Joanna Lentini, May 4, 2017 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Diver and whale shark, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Photographer of the Week, Theresa Guise, began scuba diving in 2006 and took to underwater photography soon thereafter. Theresa’s passion for underwater photography has led her to encounter epic marine life in some of the most revered dive destinations on our planet. Topside, Theresa works as a physician-scientist studying cancer microenvironments, lectures frequently on sharks, and incorporates her underwater imagery in scientific presentations and publications.

Images that tell a story are some of the most powerful tools for bringing awareness to the natural world and that’s exactly what Theresa strives for and achieves. The power of her imagery is quite evident as her subjects seemingly propel themselves off the page, but more so because they tell a story. I have had the pleasure of shooting with Theresa and have witnessed her commitment to her craft firsthand. Her underwater photography isn’t just a gallery of beautiful images, but rather a collection short stories.

Great white shark singing for his supper, Guadalupe, Mexico

Red Sea at sunset, Ras Katy, Egypt

Schooling jacks, Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Manta ray in sun rays, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Dancing shrimp in formation on pink sponge, Anilao, Philippines

Marine iguana chowing down in the Galápagos

Flamboyant cuttlefish hunting at night, Lembeh, Indonesia

Kittiwake and diver, Grand Cayman

Maternal guardian: Coconut octopus with eggs, Lembeh, Indonesia

Great Hammerhead and friends, Bimini, Bahamas

Banggai cardinal fish, Lembeh, Indonesia


Theresa Guise

To see more of Theresa’s work, visit Instagram @thersaguise or her Facebook page.



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