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Photographer of the Week – Ross Bronzan
By Joseph Tepper, November 1, 2020 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

A massive manta ray passes through the dark waters off Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii’s Kona coast is a dichotomous destination for ocean enthusiasts. During the daytime, divers have the opportunity to encounter huge pods of spinner dolphins, gargantuan whale sharks, and massive manta rays. But when the sun sets, the seemingly infinitesimal minutia rise from the deep—strange and spectacular subjects that the naked eye can barely see.

It is little surprise then that underwater photographer Ross Bronzan chose to set up base on the Big Island. His images are a tried and true highlight reel of “classic Kona”—including nudibranchs, green sea turtles, and the endemic Hawaiian red lionfish. 

“From nudibranchs to cetaceans, I enjoy photographing all ocean critters,” says Ross, who also works as a dive instructor. “My true passion lies in black-water diving, where trillions of organisms migrate from the depths to the surface every night.”

After viewing Ross’ images, we can’t blame you if you want to migrate to Kona’s waters as soon as possible.

A larval lobster hitches a ride on top of a jellyfish

Large pods of spinner dolphins are a common sight in Kona

A bicolor Anthias fish is brought into sharp focus against a bokeh background

Black-water diving allows photographers to capture rare sights such as this juvenile longarm octopus

A larval cusk eel shows off its ornate plumage

Eye see you: A close-up of a day octopus

A green sea turtle munches down on a sponge snack

This Hawaiian red lionfish is endemic to the Aloha State

Alien or cephalapod: We’ll let you decide what this sharpear enope squid is out of this world

Pelagic species like whale sharks can be found right off the Kona coast

For more of Ross’ stunning work, make sure to follow his Instagram page


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