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Photographer of the Week – Phil Elsasser
By Daniel Norwood, October 18, 2019 @ 02:00 AM (EST)

Dog-faced puffer, Red Sea, Egypt

This week’s feature showcases the work of Phil Elsasser, a recently qualified dive instructor and underwater photographer from Chicago, Illinois who now lives in Arvada, Colorado. After a childhood spent enthralled by the ocean and studying marine biology at Western Washington University, Phil was the awardee of a NASA Space Grant that funded research into invasive mollusk species in the Pacific Northwest’s tidal regions.

He became a PADI Open Water Instructor this year, after many years working as a divemaster, and now travels as much as possible with his wife Barbie to dive in exotic locations and also lead trips for their local dive shop, Flatirons Scuba in Broomfield, Colorado. His latest expedition as group leader was to the colorful reefs of Bonaire, and looking at the images in his portfolio, it seems like it was a very productive trip. Other destinations the couple have visited in the past few years include Mexico, Egypt and Bali, and images from these locations also feature below.

Phil’s hope is that by sharing some of his favorite underwater photographs, he can show others that our oceans are home to the most amazing, diverse and unique organisms on the planet—and that they are worth fighting for. Phil says that he would be honored if his images might make someone’s day a bit more interesting, and I am pleased to report that, for me, his chosen selection did just that! I’m sure you will all enjoy and appreciate his work, too.

Sharpnose puffer, Bonaire

Common octopus with brain coral, Bonaire

Honeycomb moray eel, Bali, Indonesia

Roughhead blenny, Bonaire

Carribean reef squid, Bonaire

Hypselodoris kanga nudibranch, Bali, Indonesia

Pederson’s cleaner shrimp, Bonaire

Clownfish, Red Sea, Egypt

Arrow crab, Cozumel, Mexico

Crinoid shrimp, Bali, Indonesia

Butterflyfish, Red Sea, Egypt

Phil Elsasser

For more of Phil’s beautiful images—both underwater and topside—check out his website, www.elsasserphotography.com, or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.


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