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Photographer of the Week – Pete Oxford
By Lia Barrett, November 17, 2016 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Wildlife and conservation photographer, Pete Oxford, covers a range of social, environmental and landscape subjects. From people to animals to aerial, if you ask Peter about his work, his simple answer is, “I specialize in being a generalist.” But being a generalist sounds easier than it actually is. For dabbling in several diverse forms of photography is like learning how to be several different kinds of lawyer: Each discipline requires a unique perspective, knowledge and approach.

So when Pete sticks his camera in a housing, he has to transition his telephoto and portrait eye into a wide-angle perspective. And despite a move to a different medium, his wildlife sensibilities remain intact. Positioning his lens in strategically poignant positions, you can see his knack for anticipating action and animal behavior. His animal portraiture harkens to that of a land documentarian, and through it all, there is a wonderful use of ambient light so crucial in every landscape photographer’s cache of skills. So while being a generalist is difficult, it is most certainly a most valuable skill to possess, especially for an underwater photographer who must deal with the changing elements of light, environment and maneuverability.

A Ritteri anemone

Bull sharks crowd together

A green sea turtle

An upside down jellyfish

A marine iguana

A Galápagos penguin flies past

A freediver swims alongside a whale shark

A giant clam

Diamond stingrays fight it out

Caribbean reef sharks out for a cruise

To see more of Pete’s work, visit his website, www.peteoxford.com, or follow him on Facebook.



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