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Photographer of the Week – Patrick Kranenbroek
By Matthew Sullivan, March 8, 2024 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

An in-camera double exposure of a beautiful little anemone, Netherlands

The Netherlands might not immediately come to mind when thinking of awesome dive destinations around the globe, but this week’s DPG Photographer of the Week, Dutchman Patrick Kranenbroek, would like to rectify that perception.

Patrick is a diver and photographer living in the Netherlands who uses all of his spare time to explore the dark, murky waters of the Eastern Scheldt and Lake Grevelingen in the southern part of the country. Patrick says aside from the adorable short-snouted seahorse, which arrives in summer, his favorite local subject is the European cuttlefish, which aggregates in the green springtime waters around the Eastern Scheldt. Perhaps not as well-known as the larger Australian cuttlefish breeding aggregation, Europe does indeed have a gathering!

Patrick’s underwater photography journey began relatively recently, in 2021, when he bought an Olympus TG-6, a favorite first camera of many a diver. Shortly thereafter, Patrick upgraded to an Olympus OM-D series camera, and he pairs it with dual Inon D-200 strobes.

While Patrick spends time almost every day in his local waters, he has traveled around the world to destinations like the Philippines, Spain, Indonesia, and Turkey, documenting underwater life and regularly contributing to the Dutch dive magazine Duiken. If you’re interested in reading about Patrick’s adventures, this is an excellent place to find more of his work.

A charismatic little blenny standing tall beneath a blanket of kelp, Netherlands

It seems every region of the globe except the Caribbean has its own flavor of bobtail squid and the Netherlands is no exception

An in-camera double exposure of a short-snouted seahorse, Netherlands

A small red anemone, lit by snoot, Netherlands

A squat anemone, or “sexy”, shrimp, Cebu, Philippines

A mating a group of European cuttlefish: The bottom left individual is a female laying eggs while the male guards her closely, Netherlands

One of the world's most charismatic crustaceans, the peacock mantis shrimp, Anilao, Philippines

Beauiful gorgonians and sponges adorn a wall in the Medes Islands, near Spain

A stunning zebra crinoid shrimp camouflaged expertly against its host, Bohol, Philippines

An octopus and a diver swim together in the Mediterranean off the coast of Turkey

A male short-snouted seahorse poses for the camera, Netherlands

It may look like fighting, but this is how cuttlefish like these European cuttlefish mate, Netherlands

To see more of Patrick’s lovely work from the Netherlands and beyond, please find him on Facebook.


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