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Photographer of the Week – Nicholas Larghi
By Matthew Sullivan, July 6, 2024 @ 09:00 AM (EST)

Hard coral outcrops lit by the setting sun, Hawaii, USA


From Florida, to Alaska, to Hawaii, new DPG Photographer of the Week Nicholas Larghi has made it a point to live in three of the best states in the USA for diving and underwater photography! A physical therapist by trade, Nick has been able to find work in all of these fantastic places and, as a result, been able to spend quality time exploring the underwater realms in those three states. Of course, he has ventured to other places as well, like Bonaire and Australia, in pursuit of marine adventures.

A glance through Nick's website and social media feeds will show not only his passion for marine life, but topside wildlife such as his beloved Alaskan brown bears, spectacular landscapes, even frogs and birds. He is a jack of all trades with regards to wildlife and nature photography.

He began his underwater photography journey with Canon cameras in Ikelite housings and in the last few years, despite sticking with Canon (in the mirrorless realm this time), he has switched to an Isotta housing for his R5 and loves it. Nick's portfolio here features a nice mix of macro and wide angle, warm and cold water, fresh and saltwater. His subject matter and locations are incredibly diverse and a pleasure to look through. While he still plans on taking far-flung scuba adventures, Nick wants to spend more time exploring and learning about his adopted home waters around Hawaii.


A small giant cuttlefish crawls along the bottom during the breeding aggregation, Whyalla, Australia


Frogfish, such as this giant frogfish, are an uncommon sight in Hawaiian waters, Hawaii, USA


A beautifully patterned hawkfish watches with whacked eyes as his picture is taken, Hawaii, USA


Two massive male giant cuttlefish duke it out for mating rights, Whyalla, Australia


A perfectly silhouetted green turtle with a perfect sunball, Hawaii, USA


Pink salmon push upstream by the thousands towards spawning grounds, Alaska, USA


Adorable and wacky looking, a tiny secretary blenny peers out from its hole in a coral head, Bonaire


Some of the wonderful colors of a piling at Salt Pier, Bonaire


Pink salmon move up river beneath the rainforest canopy, Alaska, USA


Sheltered in coral, this tiny damselfish warily eyes the camera, Hawaii, USA


Anemonefish are an irresistible subject, especially when they pose so nicely, Hawaii, USA


A giant cuttlefish up close and personal, Whyalla, Australia


To see more of Nick's wildlife work both above and below the water, please give him a follow on Instagram and visit his website.


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