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Photographer of the Week – Luca Vaime
By Lia Barrett, December 30, 2016 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

There’s so much to say about Photographer of the Week Luca Vaime’s images that it’s difficult to find a starting place—within each frame, there is just so much going on. But despite the complex compositions, Luca seems to have mastered the very difficult art form of finding order out of chaos. 

At first glance at his images, your initial impression is that of a spectator looking at an impressionist painting. There is a brief moment when your eyes have to adjust to make sense of the mayhem. But once you have given your mind a moment to catch up with what your eyes are seeing, you are able to step back and marvel at the beauty in his compositions, the intricate functioning of an ecosystem, and the exquisite symmetry in nature’s creations.

A hard coral garden reflection, Komodo, Indonesia

A school of convict fish make up the shape of a perfect teardrop, Halmahera, Indonesia

Soft corals framing Snell's window, Triton Bay, Indonesia

Hard corals and orange anthias, Komodo, Indonesia

A tiny nudibranch on green algae, Komodo, Indonesia

A weedy scorpionfish off Ambon, Indonesia

A tunicate shrimp hiding off Sangeang Volcano, Indonesia

A Nembrotha kubaryana nudibranch feeding on sea tunicate, Bali, Indonesia

A big black manta ray swims below Luca during safety stop, Bali, Indonesia

Luca Vaime

To see more of Luca’s work, visit his website, www.underwatertribe.com.


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