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Photographer of the Week – Lisa Collins
By Matthew Sullivan, January 11, 2024 @ 11:00 AM (EST)

A pair of southern stingrays wing over the sand of world-famous Stingray City, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

If you have been missing some warm water Photographers of the Week, you no longer need to! This week we are featuring Lisa Collins, who has been based in the Cayman Islands for the last several years. All but one of her images in this portfolio were shot in her local waters. She teaches underwater photography locally and has been a featured writer and photographer for UK Diver Magazine for more than a decade. She started making underwater images 30 years ago!

Lisa and her business partner, Steve Warren, are cofounders of Inon UK Ltd. While she continued to work for Inon, she moved to Grand Cayman in 2019 for a full-time underwater photography instructor job and a short three years later, she set up her own company, Capture Cayman. The aim of her company is to teach photography (both under and above water), guide photo dives, lead photographic tours and run underwater photography workshops.

Her knowledge of Cayman waters has increased tremendously since her first visit to the islands in the 1990’s, and she delights in taking her camera underwater at every opportunity. During the pandemic, she and a group of other underwater photographers on the island found an exciting amount of macro and supermacro subjects. Now, many of her clients visit Grand Cayman to learn macro photography, or to have Lisa take them on a guided photo dive to show them critters. The Cayman Islands feature healthy reefs, diverse dive sites, and endless photo subjects. Lisa says she'll never tire of taking her camera underwater to find new and interesting subjects to photograph around her tropical home.

A fantastical hairy frogfish photographed in Indonesia

A larval soapfish with some beautiful filaments, captured during a blackwater dive, Cayman Islands

Arguably the most beautiful fish in the ocean, the queen angel, Cayman Islands

An adorable “Shaun the Sheep” sap-sucking slug, Cayman Islands

A yellowface pikeblenny in display mode, Cayman Islands

A decorator crab perched on the end of a sponge, Cayman Islands

A large cushion star crawls through a shallow seagrass bed, Cayman Islands

A pair of sharpnose puffers engage in a mating dance, Cayman Islands

A bashful little longsnout seahorse, Cayman Islands

One of the Caribbean reef’s most voracious and stealthy predators, the trumpetfish, Cayman Islands

A beautiful Pederson cleaner shrimp strikes a pose for the camera, Cayman Islands

To find more of Lisa’s work, please visit her Capture Cayman website.


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