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Photographer of the Week – Lauren Benoit
By Joseph Tepper, October 18, 2018 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

A great hammerhead cruises along the bottom in the Bahamas

The litany of accomplishments on Lauren Benoit’s resume would be impressive for any diver—but they are made all the more special by the fact that she hasn’t even celebrated her 25th birthday yet.

Lauren is one of the rare underwater photographers who can back up all the science talk with a couple of degrees. She received a B.S. in Marine Biology and a Masters in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island. Lauren has combined this science background with her knack for awesome imagery to educate the general population on the threats facing sharks. 

Working with Pelagic Expeditions out of Rhode Island, Lauren has quite a number of hours with blue and mako sharks under her belt already. In her spare time, she works with the NOAA/NMFS Apex Predator program. She’s also participated in shark research programs in Hawaii, Bahamas, South Africa and Fiji. And with all that going on, she’s managed to build a very impressive shark photography portfolio and has even been credited in Discovery Channel’s 2018 Shark Week lineup.

A great white enjoys the sun rays in Guadalupe, off Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula

Best friends: Tiger and Hammer

Lauren’s first photo of a great hammerhead, her favorite species

Electric blue, Rhode Island, USA

A great white in Guadalupe after going for the bait

A mako shark captured at night, Rhode Island, USA

A pair of blue sharks comes in for a closer look

One of the best shark species to photograph: a mako shark off the coast of Rhode Island, USA

A great hammerhead swims over a group of photographers in the Bahamas

Lauren’s first trip to Tiger Beach—and a moment she will never forget

For more of Lauren’s work, please visit her website, www.laurenbenoit.com or follow along with her travels on Instagram.


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