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Photographer of the Week – J.R. Sosky
By Matthew Sullivan, December 28, 2023 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

A snowy egret with a meal it just snatched from the kelp, Monterey Bay, California, USA

It doesn’t always have to be the biggest, sexiest, or rarest subject to make great underwater images. This week’s featured photographer, J.R. Sosky, often takes the simplest, most common subjects and turns them into compelling pictures, whether it be a hermit crab portrait or the “fingers” of a feather duster.

J.R. says the driving force behind his photography is the chase of wonder and awe beneath the waves. He has always loved the “imagination of this planet” and the creativity and diversity of life she comes up with. What better way to document all that life than with a camera!

J.R. has a drive to build his skills as a naturalist and his never-ending curiousity pushes him to constantly explore the underwater world, especially the region from Puget Sound down to Monterey Bay. These waters are filled with an abundance and diversity of life that can—and do—keep photographers occupied for a lifetime. His main gig is a teacher, and J.R’s photography is done to inspire a sense of curiosity, encourage exploration, and to help further stoke that sense of wonder in as many people as possible. He prefers his images to be used in some sort of educational role and recently was able to share his work with the Port Townsend Marine Science Center in Washington state as part of their education programing about the marine life in the local waters of Puget Sound.

While he is far too humble to say this about himself, J.R. has been referred to many times as “The Nicest Man on Social Media,” and we here at DPG would have to agree! J.R’s love of the ocean, the beings that call her home, and his support of the underwater photography community and his friends within it, is inspiring.

An intimate split shot of an anemone in a tide pool, Oregon, USA

With the proper lighting and processing, even the most mundane of subjects like this hermit crab make for compelling portraits, Puget Sound, Washington, USA

Excellent creativity to bring a Lego submarine into the jelly horde, Monterey Bay, California, USA

The giant kelp forests of Monterey Bay are a sanctuary for a huge abundance and diversity of life, Monterey Bay, California, USA

The adorable and charismatic face of a young mosshead warbonnet, Puget Sound, Washington, USA

The delicate feeding arms of a feather duster worm, Monterey Bay, USA

The intricate fin of a sculpin turned into an abstract masterpiece, Washington, USA

Some miniscule amphipods feeding on some even more miniscule nudibranch eggs, Monterey Bay, California, USA

Close-up details of a Scrippsia jelly, Washington, USA

A classic wide-angle kelp forest scene from Monterey Bay, California, USA

A small Triopha maculata nudibranch feeding on bryozoans, Monterey Bay, California, USA

The famous sea nettle horde of Monterey Bay, California, USA

To follow along with J.R.’s adventures, please check out his Instagram page.


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