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Photographer of the Week – Jennifer Idol
By Joanna Lentini, June 8, 2017 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Director of Photography, Becky Kagan Schott, prepares for a dive in Phantom Springs, Texas

When Photographer of the Week, Jennifer Idol, began her pursuit of scuba diving in Mexico 21 years ago, there was no way this Texas native could know she would go on to become the first woman to dive in the waters of all 50 American states. Jennifer’s chronicled adventures ultimately led to the creation of her book, An American Immersion, which details her five-year journey across the country in search of scuba diving and underwater photography opportunities. Jennifer’s images and text have also been widely published in scuba diving periodicals including Diver, Scuba Diving, Alert Diver, and Sport Diver.

As Jennifer is a technical diver and instructor with an impressive 28 dive certifications to her name, she has had the opportunity to explore places most of us may never see. Through her photography, exploration, and writing, Jennifer thoroughly enjoys acquainting others with the underwater realm. What I love about Jennifer’s work is the different approach she takes to documenting this domain. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes perspective or a species many may not have even known existed, Jennifer’s images are not your everyday underwater photographs. Perhaps it is her unyielding wanderlust or decade-plus background in design that leads her to see this space with such a unique lens—setting her images far apart from other underwater shooters.

The prehistoric paddlefish, once prolific throughout North America, filters food through its mouth

Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania: Twice a year, the Northeast Diving Equipment Group brings history to life at their hard hat rallies

A diver descends into Jug Hole in Florida

Whale sharks around Isla Mujeres, Mexico gather to feed each summer on plankton at the surface

Diving is a 3D experience: To gain a new perspective, we sometimes need to change the rules

This Russian submarine escape suit was designed to help submariners escape safely—and is a reminder of the technological developments we benefit from today

Arriving at the bottom of the fissure crack in Jacob’s Well in Texas, a diver pauses before continuing down the lower tunnel

Famous for its spoon-like protrusion, the paddlefish’s rostrum is just one of its unusual features

The sea lion colony in Los Islotes, Mexico plays hard, hunts hard, and rests easy amidst the rocks

This opalescent nudibranch from Catalina Island, California inspired Jennifer’s admiration for the unique colors and shapes of these unusual invertebrates

Jennifer Idol

Be sure to check out more of Jennifer’s fascinating underwater photography on her website, or in her book, An American Immersion.


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