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Photographer of the Week – Jami Leslie Feldman
By Matthew Sullivan, May 4, 2023 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Arguably the most beautiful shark in the world, a blue shark crusing the blue waters offshore San Diego, California, USA

We have featured a few Central California photographers recently, and this week we head to Southern California and bring you our newest Photographer of the Week, Jami Leslie Feldman. While Jami’s website and social media pages have images from around the world, her portfolio here is almost entirely SoCal—with a splash of Canada mixed in—and gives a good idea of the breadth of imaging opportunities available in the region, from squid runs to numerous shark species. The area boasts world-class diving, and Jami makes the most of it. She and her husband dive as frequently as conditions (and a toddler) will allow.

Jami began her photography journey at a young age in a black and white darkroom class. As so many divers can relate to, that evolved into a passion for underwater photography shortly after being scuba certified in 2008. She is now a divemaster and part of the Scubapro global dive team.

Jami says she loves the beauty of the underwater world, the challenge of cold-water diving, and the creative outlet underwater photography brings. She hopes she can help inspire, educate, and promote ocean conservation efforts through her photography and videos. Since Reels took off on Instagram, Jami has been making fun, sometimes goofy, but always interesting and informative videos that are definitely worth watching—for all of the above reasons!

A green turtle coming up for a breath, San Diego, California, USA

California’s most iconic nudibranch, the Spanish shawl, San Diego, California, USA

A curious California sea lion greets the photographer, Coronado Islands, Mexico

Mosshead warbonnet peering out from its glass bottle home, God’s Pocket, British Columbia, Canada

A prehistoric-looking broadnose sevengill shark, a seasonal specialty in San Diego, California, USA

An adorable young harbor seal inspecting its reflection in the dome port, San Diego, California

Each summer, leopard sharks gather in the warm San Diego shallows, California, USA

Market squid orgy, San Diego, California, USA

A brittlestar free-falling off an oil rig, Southern California, USA

The enigmatic California sheepshead, San Diego, California

A southern California specialty, the giant seabass, Catalina Island, California, USA

A beautiful Dendronotus frondosus crawling up seagrass, San Diego, California, USA

A small Flabellina nudibranch feasting on the tentacles of an anemone, San Diego, California, USA

To view more of Jami’s work, please check out her website, www.underwaterpaparazzi.com, and her entertaining Instagram page.



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