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Photographer of the Week – Henley Spiers
By Lia Barrett, January 19, 2017 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Self-proclaimed macro enthusiast and Photographer of the Week, Henley Spiers, firmly believes that “Once people start to appreciate the small things they will be endlessly entertained underwater.” His own work speaks volumes of his adoration of the small stuff. From his intensely engaging macro portraits, framed by rich, black backdrops, to his candid moments that portray the cycles of life, the viewer can almost sense Henley’s giddiness behind each capture.

But it seems that though he has an affinity for affixing his eyes and lenses on the little details in the reef, that we are on the verge of a potential explosion of pelagics emanating from Henley’s portfolio.  For just from the few images in his portfolio of the wider vantage points, we can already see a bubbling up of potential and intrigue.  And so it will be fascinating to watch as Henley continues to shoot, grow and explore the oceans over the next several years of his career, so stay tuned!

A tiny roughhead blenny keeps an eye out for predators and food, Cayman Islands

A pair of pygmy yellow gobies look out from their home, Bali, Indonesia

The very brief moment when a dusky jawfish aerates its eggs, St. Lucia

Harlequin shrimp atop its favorite snack, Bali, Indonesia

An endangered oceanic whitetip shark with a hook in mouth, Egypt

A diver salutes the Caymans’ most famous wreck—the Kittiwake

Fast-moving squid play close to the surface, St. Lucia

A yellowhead jawfish protects its eggs until they are ready to hatch, St. Lucia

A papa goby protects its eggs, laid on a delicate tunicate, Bali, Indonesia

Henley Spiers

To see more of Henley’s work, visit his website, www.henleyspiers.com, or check out his Facebook page.


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