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Photographer of the Week – Christine Dorrity
By Matthew Sullivan, November 23, 2023 @ 07:00 AM (EST)

A calf humpback whale emerges from the shadow of its mother to inspect the photographer more closely, Tonga, Polynesia

While her portfolio could very well have featured nothing but stunning images of kelp, our newest DPG Photographer of the Week, Christine Dorrity, is not a one trick pony with regards to underwater image making. Of course, we had to feature some of her beautiful California kelp forest work, but that does not come at the expense of other subject matter. You will also be treated to big animals like the humpback whale and the Mola mola, and some macro critters like nudis.

Based in Southern California, and growing up on the coast, Christine has always drawn on the ocean as a source of inspiration. She is a relatively recent comer to the underwater world, having completed her scuba certification in 2017. Diving deepened her connection to the ocean by enabling her to observe the wondrous world of marine life from beneath the surface.

Christine says that by using the visual language of photography, she is able to express her love of the ocean. Her focus is to bring the beauty of the marine world to people who cannot see if for themselves. She seeks to capture the feelings experienced while sharing these moments with underwater life. By conveying the deep connection felt towards marine creatures, Christine hopes to inspire others to fall in love with the ocean. As the great Jacques Cousteau once said, people will protect what they love—to love the ocean is to desire to protect it.

A huge lion’s mane jelly floating just beneath the surface, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, UK

Surrounded by tall stalks of kelp, Channel Islands National Park, California, USA

Humpbacks dance at the surface in ethereal light, Tonga, Polynesia

A harbor seal swimming through healthy kelp stands, California, USA

A mother and calf humpback cruise by for a closer look at the photographer, Tonga, Polynesia

A tiny opalescent nudibranch crawling across some brightly colored algae, San Diego, California, USA

Spectacular kelp forests flourish off the coast of Catalina Island, California, USA

The cold waters of California don’t bring reptiles to mind, but San Diego has a population of green turtles, San Diego, California, USA

Portrait of a giant oceanic manta, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico

One of the ocean’s wackiest fish, the Mola mola, San Diego, California, USA

A mother and calf are escorted by a male and an older juvenile, Tonga, Polynesia

To see more of Christine’s superb work please visit her website, www.christinedorrityphotography.com, and give her a follow on Instagram.


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