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Photographers of the Week – Cam and Kay Grant
By Joseph Tepper, November 19, 2020 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Voila! A humpback whale swoons in front of Kay Grant

In a year that’s been a bit—well—different, forgive us from deviating from the norm. This week we’re featuring a dynamic duo who work together to create underwater images—but only one of these ocean enthusiasts is technically a photographer.

Cam and Kayleigh Grant met on the island of Oahu, Hawaii with a shared passion for diving and the wild Hawaiian seas. Cam is a seasoned underwater photographer and US Marine Corps Veteran. Kay is an experienced freediver with degrees in science and ecotourism.

And while Kay is often in front of the lens rather than behind it, the balance between the human and natural elements propel the pair’s images to another level. But it’s not just about going viral with freedivers swimming beside the likes of tiger sharks and whales. Cam and Kay’s ethos is communicated clearly through their portfolio: “We aim to introduce people to the beauty of the ocean and show that humans are not separate from this world, but a part of it,” says Kay. 

In other words, “Malama i ke kai, a malama ke kai ‘oe.” Take care of the ocean and the ocean will take care for you.

Cam and Kay’s images integrate both human and marine elements

A tiger shark with a damaged dorsal fin demonstrates the negative impact of humans on the marine environment 

The multi-elemental aspect of these images—in this case, freediver, stingray, and shark—make for a compositionally compelling experience for the viewer

Kay frequently swims alongside the pelagic giants off Kona’s coast, like this great white shark

Splashdown: A humpback whale makes waves in front of Cam’s lens

You never know what can be found off Kona’s coast: Oceanic whitetip sharks frequent deep ocean bouys

The symmetry of this composition is complemented by the dichotomy of the black and white

Kay participated in the Marine Option Program at University of Hawaii as well as a shark specialty course with Queensland University and Cornell University

Zen zone: Kay relaxes with some stingray companions

For more of Cam and Kay’s work, make sure to follow Cam on Instagram and Kay on Instagram and TikTok. Want to capture images like theirs? Join an expedition with their Kaimana Ocean Safari for the chance to interact with sharks, dolphins, whales, and more. 


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