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Photographer of the Week – Bartosz Stróżyński
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, January 10, 2019 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

A leopard seal shows off its pearly whites in Antarctica

There perhaps aren’t too many instances in life where we lowly English speakers dearly wished we could read Polish. But being able to fully appreciate Bartosz Stróżyński’s book AntArktyka: Podwodne zauroczenie, published by National Geographic in 2014, would surely be one of them. How else could you really understand our Polish Photographer of the Week’s “underwater passion” for Antarctica and the Arctic?

Well, there’s another way: Just allow yourself to be transported there by Bartosz’s jaw-dropping images of seals, beluga whales, icebergs, and more. Indeed, you’ll find this gifted shooter’s name associated with many a project venturing to the coldest and most remote parts of our planet, including the prestigious Elysium: Shackleton Antarctic Visual Epic, a photographic tribute to the British polar explorer’s 1914 expedition.

But Bartosz’s creativity isn’t just limited to still images. An avid filmmaker, composer, lyricist and performer, he’s also the founder of a project called “Three Arts in Antarctica” that saw a team of Polish artists representing the three disciplines of film, music and photography undertake a voyage to Antarctica to explore their respective artistic fields. The endeavor resulted in the first concert by a Polish artist in Antarctica, a documentary film (produced by Bartosz, who was also the underwater cinematographer), and a recently concluded exhibition of photographs, which has also been published in book form.

We’re waiting impatiently for the English versions, but for now, we’ll just have to content ourselves with feasting our eyes on Bartosz’s beautiful imagery.

A Nile crocodile flashes a smile, Botswana

A beluga whale framed by the ice, White Sea

An Amazon river dolphin, also known as the boto or bufeo

An over-under of an American crocodile, Mexico

A beautiful, sculptural Antarctic iceberg

In Antarctica, a crabeater seal sizes up Bartosz’s camera for breakfast

A caiman shows the photographer who’s boss at Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands

A king penguin braces itself against the cold, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

A baby harp seal makes itself comfortable on the snow, Canada

A half-and-half of a leopard seal and its iceberg pit stop, Antarctica

Bartosz Stróżyński

For more extraordinary captures by Bartosz Stróżyński, check out his website, www.fimufo.com, or follow him on Facebook.


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