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Photographer of the Week – Andrew Marriott
By Joseph Tepper, September 26, 2019 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

DPG Editor Andrew Marriott shares his impressive portfolio

The best editors are almost introvertedly inconspicuous. They work behind the curtain to bring the best work out of contributors, author daily news articles, and—sometimes—fix typos. But for DPG editors, these tasks are always in tandem with a tenacity for pushing the limits of underwater photography. 

This tradition continues with new DPG Editor Andrew Marriott. A far cry from his origins in financial services, Andrew now commands the helm of editorial content on DPG. It’s been quite the journey: After moving to Guam, Andrew found a love for the ocean and capturing it through the lens. He even managed to sneak a camera on one of his first training dives—don’t try that at home, folks!

Andrew has inspired many divers and underwater shooters to travel to the world’s most remote regions by co-authoring books such as Legends Beneath the Waves: Truk Lagoon, Legends Beneath the Waves: Philippines, and Let’s Go Dive Guide to Anilao. But here, we’d like to let Andrew’s images do all of the talking. After all, he’s nabbed numerous awards for his often otherworldly photos. The liminality between the real and the ethereal created through a mastery of lighting and post-processing is something you’d only expect of, well, a top-notch editor.

A dreamy nudibranch shot walks the line between fantasy and reality

A colorful panorama from inside an underwater cave

The best photographers bring out the beauty from even the most unassuming subjects

What you lookin’ at? This pipehorse stares down the photographer

The shallow light dances on a tropical reef swarmed by wrasses

Bath time! A shrimp carefully cleans an eel

A slow shutter speed and camera movement are combined for this unique image

Double take: A pair of impressively backlit gobies clinging to a whip coral

A mastery of selective lighting is used to make this well-camouflaged seahorse “pop” out of the frame

Curiouser and curiouser: This trippy image is like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland

This silhouette of a seahorse is anything but simple with colorful backlighting. The best editors not only inform; they inspire

For more of Andrew’s fabulous work, stay tuned to the latest content on DPG. Alternatively, check out his personal website, www.fata-morgana.net, and his Instagram and Facebook pages.


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