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Photographer of the Week – Alex Tattersall
By Lia Barrett, August 11, 2016 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

To say Photographer of the Week Dr Alex Tattersall is a passionate person is an understatement. When he’s not vocally chiding his fellow Brits about their Brexit votes, this extremely talented, award-winning photographer is busy educating others about how to take better photographs. Whether it’s advice on suitable photo gear, informative workshops, photo competitions or technical articles, Alex spreads knowledge about his beloved craft wherever he can.

But what I particularly love about Alex’s images is that you can see the careful thought that went into creating each frame. It’s as though he laid out a scientific breakdown of what he was aiming to achieve before even squeezing the shutter, and then—combined with an aptitude for photography, an eye for an artistic mélange of visual choices, and a sense of animal behavior—what emerges are explosions of delight that one cannot help but be utterly captivated by.

Duelling tompot blennies, Swanage, UK

An Indian mackerel opens wide to feed, Red Sea, Egypt

A lionfish crashes a baitball party, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Cardinalfish in conversation, Dumaguete, Philippines

A perfectly coiffed hairy shrimp, Lembeh, Indonesia

A hairy squat lobster having a bad hair day, Lembeh, Indonesia

A juvenile harlequin sweetlips in slow-mo, Lembeh, Indonesia

A zebra crab on a fire urchin, Dumaguete, Philippines

A nudibranch catches a few rays, Lembeh, Indonesia

See more of Alex’s work on his Flickr site.



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