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Top 10 Shark Photography Destinations
By Joe Tepper, August 4, 2013 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Great white, whale, tiger, hammerhead, silky, whitetip, gray, blue—we love ‘em all.

While most ordinary people try their best to avoid “shark-infested” waters, we underwater photographers spend countless hours researching destinations, flying and dreaming about getting in the water with the ocean’s greatest predator.

Kicking off DPG’s 2013 Shark Week, we present to you 10 destinations that you won’t be able to leave without making a toothy friend (or two). In no particular order…


Isla Mujeres, Mexico

In the summer months, the aqua blue waters off this small Mexican islet transform into a feeding ground for dozens of whale sharks. Snorkel up close and personal with the ocean’s largest fish; and whether you shoot with a waterproof smartphone or full-frame DSLR, you’re bound make a few new friends and come home with a few awesome images.



Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Great white sharks in crystal clear waters—yes, please! This small island off the coast of Mexico boasts a great white population of about 140. It’s a dream destination for any shark photographer.



South Africa

With a nickname of “Shark Capital of the World,” it’s little surprise that South Africa made its way onto the list. Sure, there’s a thriving great white population and numerous cage diving operators. But did you also know that you can drift with tiger sharks, mingle with blues and makos off the coast, and traverse kelp forests with the rare seven gills? Oh yeah, and then there’s the sardine run…



Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia

This small inlet on the island of Papua has sprung onto the scene in the last few years as a must for whale shark photography. Sucking on fishermen nets like a baby bottle, the sharks let divers and photographers get up close and personal. And while in the area, why not stop at Raja Ampat for a little coral wide angle?


Cat Island, Bahamas

Like automobiles and hairstyles, shark diving has its hot trends—and right now the oceanic whitetips of Cat Island are the cat’s pajamas. How could it not be? It’s the chance to have dozens of gorgeous oceanic whitetips come right up to your dome port day after day.



Galápagos Islands

Whether you like your sharks by the hundreds or the size of a city bus, the Galápagos is sure to leave you with jam-packed memory cards. A reigning perennial of the world’s best shark photography destinations, the dive at Darwin’s Arch is as likely to leave you with snaps of whale sharks as schools of hammerheads blotting out the sun.




Palau has long been known as a sharky destination with legendary sites like Blue Corner and Ulong Channel. But with the world’s first shark sanctuary put in place in 2009, the time to photograph the sharks of Palau might be better than ever.


Tiger Beach, Bahamas

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! At tiger beach the adventurous photographers mingle with the top cat of these Bahamian waters. Warning: This is no laid back, easy-going shark dive. The sharks have been known to take off with a mouthful of underwater housing. But the shooters intrepid enough to brave Tiger Beach will return home with a collection of tiger shark shots unlike any other.



Rhode Island, USA

Shark diving. Northeast Atlantic. Those two ideas might not seem to go together, but you’ll forget you’re just a two-hour drive from New York City when you’re pushing off blue and mako sharks with your camera.


Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA

As far as smiles go, the sand tiger shark has the pearly whites to brighten anyone’s day. Combine your love for shark and wreck photography on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Explore the wrecks of the mid-Atlantic like the Atlas, Caribsea and Spar for the chance to photograph countless sand tiger smiles.





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