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Tiger Sharks with the Fantasea FRX100 IV
By Elisabeth Lauwerys, December 10, 2015 @ 08:00 PM (EST)

Editor’s Note: Sony’s RX100 series has gained popularity with underwater photographers in recent years. The latest model, the RX100 IV, builds on this with the addition of 4K-resolution video. Earlier this month, we published a review of this camera in Fantasea’s FRX100 IV housing. More recently, photographer Elisabeth Lauwerys used this setup to capture stunning images and video of tiger sharks in the Bahamas.

I recently traveled to Tiger Beach, Bahamas equipped with the new Sony RX100 IV and the Fantasea FRX100 IV housing to capture some still images and video of the incredible tiger sharks there.

Once in the water with the tigers, there is little time to fiddle with difficult camera settings as these impressive creatures command your undivided attention. I found the Fantasea housing to be great for this kind of diving. It offers easy, intuitive access to all camera options, while allowing you to monitor the movements of the sharks. I also used an Inon UWL-H100 super wide-angle attachment, because the encounters were often very close.

The quality of the images produced by the Sony RX100 IV is superb. I was shooting with natural light, so most of the time I had to increase the ISO to keep the shutter speed high enough. But the ISO performance of the RX100 IV lived up to my expectations.

The compact, easy-to-use form of the Fantasea FRX100 IV housing makes it easier to keep your attention on the subject—especially important with 12-foot sharks

The RX100 IV's impressive ISO performance made it possible to shoot natural light only without fear of having too much digital noise

The addition of a wide-angle wet lens, such as the Inon UWL-H100, makes it possible to capture eye-popping images of large subjects up close

Because I wanted to record video and photos on the same dive, the Fantasea housing was a natural choice. It is very easy to change between these two modes thanks to the easily accessible record button on the back. And since I’m mainly a videographer, I thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of the RX100 IV’s ability to record 4K, ultra-HD video in camera.



My week’s diving with the tiger sharks was easily one of the best experiences I have ever had in the water. I am glad I had this quality, compact setup to capture all the magical moments.

Elisabeth enjoying all of the sharks hanging around Tiger Beach, Bahamas

About the Author: As an experienced PADI and BSAC Dive Instructor, Elisabeth has long been passionate about exploring the marine depths. In 2004, she opened Oceans Below Underwater Video Productions on Koh Tao, Thailand. Since then, she has created the dive industry's first professional-level video training course on request from BSAC; won numerous underwater video competitions; worked with the BBC and other production houses; created a new look for the PADI promotional videos; trained a number of industry professionals in the art of underwater video; and has recently started making the transition from video to still photography. She continues to teach budding underwater videographers and travel the world in pursuit of the the most spectacular and diverse diving environments—all the while equipped with her cameras and housings… To learn more about Elisabeth’s work, check out her official website.


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