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Sperm Whales with the Fantasea FRX100 III
By Amanda Cotton, February 24, 2015 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

Editor’s Note: The Sony RX100 III has proven itself as one of the top compact cameras. In November, we published a review of this capable camera in the Fantasea FRX100 III housing. Recently, professional underwater photographer Amanda Cotton used this camera and housing combo to photograph sperm whales in Dominica.

The Sony RX100 lll camera in the Fantasea FRX100 lll housing proved to be an excellent setup for capturing images of sperm whales in the waters off Dominica. The small size of the camera and user-friendly design of the housing made the task of shooting images of these sometimes fast-moving gentle giants easier. 

It was quite impressive to see that the quality of the images produced by the Sony RX100 III was easily comparable to many DSLRs on the market. Diving with the sperm whales at Dominica is a magical experience and this setup made capturing the moment easy and hassle free.

Sperm whale researcher Andrea Steffen dives alongside a subadult female to get a closer look

Socializing sperm whales keep a young calf comforted close to the surface

Two juvenile sperm whales keep close to a new calf as its mother dives deep for food

Socializing sperm whales at the surface in the waters off Dominica

A diver swims down to film a vertically resting sperm whale. Sperm whales sleep in this unique position for hours at a time

 Researchers use the unique shape of the sperm whale tail to identify each individual

Amanda freediving down with the Sony RX100 III in the Fantasea housing



About the Photographer: Amanda Cotton is a freelance photographer based in Florida, USA. To learn more about her work visit www.acottonphoto.com.



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