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Shark Celebration Week 2013
By Joseph Tepper, August 1, 2013 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

We love sharks, all of them. Blue, mako, great white, whale, blacktip, reef, grey, it doesn’t matter.

That’s why we started “Shark Celebration Week,” sponsored by Ikelite. From August 4-9, we will be devoting the entire week to sharks, publishing daily content from some of the world’s top shark image-makers.

With the utmost respect for the ocean’s top predators, the focus of this unique collection of articles and images will be to celebrate sharks as beautiful animals, not ruthless human eaters.

Here’s a list of articles in the series:

Sunday, August 4th: Top 10 Shark Underwater Photography Destinations

Monday, August 5th: Shark Hot Spot—Oceanic Whitetips of Cat Island

Tuesday, August 6th: Dizzying Shark Photography—Yap’s Vertigo Shark Dive

Tuesday, August 6th: Field Blog- Photographing Makos in Rhode Island

Wednesday, August 7th: Mask, Fins and a Nikonos—Old School Shark Photography

Thursday, August 8th: The Sharks of the Bahamas

Friday, August 9th: A Retrospective of 333 Productions


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