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Photo Set: The Selkie Connection Series
By Chrstian Vizl, March 14, 2012 @ 10:00 AM (EST)

Fascinated by the connection that humans share with animals, underwater photographer Christian Vizl created “The Selkie Connection,” a unique series of photos that further explore this concept. The photo set below is a series of photos of women that establish some kind of communication or connection with marine mammals. Through this series, Christian hopes to “transmit the importance of the bonding we establish as human beings with all the other living creatures to with whom we share this planet.”

The series title alludes to the Irish and Scottish mythological marine creature, the selkie, which could come onto land and interact with humans by removing their seal skins. As Christian explains, “almost all female forms take on great beauty and some even marry with men.” The idea that the selkies have something in them “that drives them to seek a harmonious and loving connection with other beings entirely different from them” fascinated Christian, and so the series was born. 


The Selkie Connection “seeks to explore this unlikely, yet powerful, mysterious and profound bond that there may be between us and marine animals. It seeks to generate awareness of the importance of creating harmony and communication links between all living things. Trying to make clear the way this generates beauty in each one of us, bringing the spirit to its purest and refined expression, love.”

You can see the full series of images on Christian's blog, where he also writes about his inspiration for the images. 


The Selkie Connection by Christian Vizl















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