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Mini Review: iDas iTorch Video Pro4 Video Light
 August 23, 2012 @ 01:08 PM (EST)

The newest member of the iTorch line from i-Divesite is the 1400 lumen Video Pro4.  Last year, DPG tested the Video Pro3, and were impressed, so we were excited to get the more powerful Video Pro4 in the water as well. 

On a recent DPG expedition to Fiji, we gave the light to Erwin Fillius, the video pro for the Nai’a to test out. Below are his thoughts.

By Erwin Filius

Specs for iTorch Video Pro4:

  • Led : CREE XM-L T6 x2 and XP-E red x2
  • Battery : 1x 32650 rechargerable 5500mah Li-Mn-Co Battery (2pcs included)
  • Color : Semi Hard Anodized Black 
Mode : 6-Mode Switch (white and red Hi-med-lo)
  • Beam : 110 Degrees by reflector
  • Lumen : 1400 lumen

The Video Pro4 is the first light I’ve used other than the Sola 1200.  As the Sola series has become popular, I will use this as a comparison but also make some stand-alone observations of the VideoPro4.


Battery and Maintenance

The Video Pro4 takes one Li-mn-Co battery. The Sola has a built-in 2 cell Li-Ion that can be recharged by plugging into the body of the torch.

There are two sides to this coin. As opposed to having to recharge the internal battery before you can use the light again, having a removable battery gives you the clear advantage of being able to have back up batteries charged and ready to pop in when needed, handy on dive boats or remote locations when charging up is not always an option in between dives. The Pro4 comes with an extra battery so you can always have one on deck.


However, a completely contained system like that of the Sola eliminates the need to open the body of the light and the chance of a compromising o-ring, thus eliminating the main potential failure point and the possibility of a flood.


Size and Construction

The Video Pro4 is made of semi hard anodized black, which feels sturdy and rugged. The black finish gives it a sleek look.  The light itself is slightly larger and heavier than the Sola, again because of the battery, but is not at all heavy.

The battery is likely what creates the weight difference of the of light, and this creates a size vs. weight trade off.  I need to charge my Sola after one to three dives, depending on how much I’ve been using the lights and the intensity setting I have used. The iTorch on the other hand seems to burn and burn. I used it for nine dives before I charged it and I had seen no signs of it starting to dim at that point. The slightly larger, heavier battery provides more power for longer periods, making it a fair trade off especially when charging facilities are not handy.




The Sola both spot and flood settings. The iTorch has just has a fixed flood beam. This may be more important to others but speaking for myself, I only ever used the flood for my video and rarely used anything but full power.



This simplicity creates another advantage for me as where with the Sola I have to move through the three power levels with a sliding switch to find the one I want, the iTorch has a handy button on the back which is either on or off. I found this much more user friendly, especially when you are approaching a subject, concentrating on buoyancy, and keeping track of and not spooking whatever it is you wish to film. With only two options, on or off, I don’t need to take my eyes off of the subject to check if my lights are set as I intended.



The light output itself is very nice, a wide and even beam. The color is cool and neutral looking. The power is more than adequate for most macro scenes and with a second one, for many wide angle scenes. 

Rather than describe the light, I’ll the let the video speak for itself. The sample videos I have provided have all been shot with one iTorch 1400


This was filmed with and without the Video Pro4 to show the difference

The iTorch Video Pro4 has become my primary video lighting system.  The long battery life and powerful even beam are perfect for my busy dive schedule and the wide angle life in Fiji.




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