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Photographing Firsts: Indo-Pacific Assignment Update
By Joseph Tepper, July 27, 2012 @ 10:45 AM (EST)

By Joseph Tepper

Whether it’s seeing a super-rare critter for the first time or overcoming the fear to be fully submerged in water, scuba diving “firsts” are the best!

After five weeks of traversing some of the best diving from PNG to Indonesia, I have certainly encountered my fair share of “firsts”! If you’ve been following my journey on the DPG Facebook page, you may have already seen some of these sights—but as I continue to work through the mountain of photos (over 10,000!) I am shocked to see how many underwater sights were a first of their kind.

In no particular order of importance or physical size – some are the size of a small car while others no bigger than a pin head – here are a few memorable ones…

While on the Febrina Liveaboard I witnessed many firsts, like this "kissing turtle." It was so friendly you could
push it away with your mask!

It may seem shocking but on Febrina I also had my first chance to shoot cuttlefish, which couldn't
get enough attention from the divemaster...

First crocodile dive: enough said!

I had seen sea fans before...but not ones the size of a car like the ones found in Kimbe Bay.

My first airplane wreck dive was only a quick 20 minute boat ride from Walindi Plantation Resort!

I had dreamed about shooting a "Candy Crab" for years...and got the chance on the
Bali Diving Academy house reef in Tulamben!

This black Hairy Frogfish was a first not only for me but also some of the staff members at Critters@Lembeh!

First Harlequin Shrimp...in a pair...on a blue sea star...what else could a photographer desire?

This Mototi Poisonous Octopus is related to the Blue Ring and is just as thrilling to see for the first time...

Make sure to check back in to DPG for the complete series on the best underwater photography in the Indo-Pacific, coming in August. Until then, go out and photograph some firsts of your own...




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