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Photographer of the Week – Tanya Burnett
By Joe Tepper, March 5, 2015 @ 05:00 AM (EST)

Underwater photographer Tanya Burnett’s career seems to be best seen as a series of “firsts.” It began when Burnett graduated with degrees in dive management and photography from Barry University, one of the first women to do so.

Since then, she was probably the first 20-year-old to earn her USCG Captain’s license and continued to pioneer the diving industry by co-founding the Technical Diving Institute and Scuba Diving International agencies. And we haven’t even talked about her photographic accolades.

I can tell you that she’s been published in Outside Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Islands, and Alert Diver. But, honestly, the diversity and quality of her images speak for themselves. We are honored to kick off our celebration of Women’s History Month with the portfolio of Tanya Burnett.

A very pristine and stunning reef scene in the shallows of Tania’s reef, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

A mother, calf and escort humpback whale dodge, twist and turn to avoid a bevy of male humpbacks, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic, Atlantic Ocean

A painted frogfish free swims from one dock piling to the next in search of a mate, Punta Bulata, Negros, Philippines, Sulu Sea

A large school of small catfish band together in unison, but one, Anilao, Philippines, Verde Passage

A vibrant and high-voltage reef scenic of hundreds of orange anthias scattering in bursts with the movement of current and light, Anilao, Philippines, Verde Passage

A pair of manta rays in synchronized movements get cleaned over a reef bommie, Hanifaru, Maldives, Indian Ocean

A whale shark virtually motionless allows me to move directly in front of its mouth. Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Caribbean Sea

A pair of yellow ornate ghost pipefish move in unison so as to appear larger, Alor, Indonesia, Flores Sea

An oceanic whitetip shark bravely approaches and turns on a dime, Cat Island, Bahamas, Atlantic Ocean

Tanya looks for dreamy photo ops inside the Gililawa Lau passage, Komodo, Indonesia, Flores Sea

For more information on Tanya’s work, make sure to visit her official website, Island Exposure.


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