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Photographer of the Week – Santosh Shanmuga
By Daniel Norwood, October 22, 2022 @ 10:00 AM (EST)

Great hammerhead sharks, Bimini, Bahamas

Our Photographer of the Week Santosh Shanmuga is an award-winning amateur wildlife and nature photographer with a keen interest in underwater, reptilian, and avian subjects. Santosh was enamored with the ocean at a young age, and his love for fishing, boating, and diving naturally drew him to underwater photography.

Residing on the east coast of the United States, most of his time is spent in the warm waters of Florida and the chilly seas off New England. He has a diverse portfolio, with photos from across North and South America, and his images range from beautiful portraits to artistic depictions of wildlife. His underwater images have been featured in many publications as well as in competitions such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Underwater Photographer of the Year.

Santosh graduated with a degree in environmental biology and then pursued medical school. He currently works as a surgeon for the US military. When not underwater with a camera rig, he can usually be found fishing or spending time with his wife, two dogs, and three cats. Military life has taken away some of his time shooting underwater, but he plans to be back to regularly producing new marine life images soon!

Sandbar sharks, Hawaii, USA

Manatee couple, Florida, USA

Brown water snake, Florida, USA

Mola mola, North Carolina, USA

Wood turtle split, Pennsylvania, USA

Scaup diving for snacks, Maryland, USA

Green sea turtle, Hawaii, USA

A freediver and sandbar sharks, Hawaii, USA

Eastern hellbender, North Carolina, USA


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