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Photographer of the Week – Olivier Clement
By Matthew Sullivan, May 23, 2024 @ 08:00 AM (EST)

A young lemon shark swims through the mangroves, The Bahamas

Have you ever dreamed of being an underwater nomad? Getting to travel the world and photograph amazing marine life. Well, this week's featured photographer, Olivier Clement, is living that life! Olivier is an underwater photographer hailing from Canada and has spent the last 15 years traveling the globe capturing wonderful images of the marine world. As you'll see here, one of his absolute favorite places is the vast mangrove ecosystem of The Bahamas. His portfolio also showcases big animals from other well-known destinations such as Dominica and Baja California.

Olivier is an active member of the FON (Focused on Nature) association—an organization dedicated to exploring and documenting the natural beauty of our planet. The journey is driven by a mission to raise awareness about the importance of ocean and environmental conservation as well as protection of threatened and endangered species all over the world.

Olivier says the Bahamian mangroves hold a special place in his heart, over all the other spectacular places he has been fortunate enugh to visit. The mangroves are a unique and vital habitat, not only ecologically important but also enchantingly beautiful. Through his lens, he aims captures the magic of the mangroves, sharing their splendor with the world while providing educational insights and advocating for their preservation and the preservation of the wildlife that relies on them.

A sperm whale calf playfully turns upside-down under the watchful gaze of mom, Dominica

A massive roughtail stingray and a small lemon shark share space in the mangroves, The Bahamas

One of the open ocean’s truly apex predators, the oceanic whitetip, The Bahamas

Mangrove roots and a small lemon shark, spectacularly mirrored on the calm surface, The Bahamas

The mangroves are a nursery for countless marine species, including green sea turtles, The Bahamas

The powerful, storytelling tail of a sperm whale as it dives towards the deep, Dominica

Mangrove roots frame this young green sea turtle as it explores the shallows, The Bahamas

A small blue shark makes a quick turn towards the photographer, Baja California, Mexico

A freediver photographs a small pod of pilot whales, Dominica

One of the top predators in these protected mangroves, lemon sharks will remain in these forests for several years, The Bahamas

Sunset over a spectacular mangrove ecosystem in The Bahamas

A view from below with a small lemon shark and minnows, up above into the blue Bahamian sky

To see more of Olivier’s work, please give him a follow on Instagram.


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