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Photographer of the Week – Marcio Curvelo
By Matthew Sullivan, March 14, 2024 @ 10:30 AM (EST)

A hawksbill sea turtle returning to the depths after catching a breath at the surface, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

Some people get into photography later in life. Others, like our newest DPG Photographer of the Week, Marcio Curvelo, picked up a camera almost from day one, and half a century later, hasn’t put it down again! Marcio’s earliest photography memory was running around as a young kid with his dad’s old Super 8 camera, making home movies, before graduating to a borrowed Yashica rangefinder from his grandfather.

Marcio says that at the age of 15, he became a “professional photographer,” shooting weddings, graduations and other events. It wasn’t until later in life that he began photographing life underwater. Over the years, Marcio has traveled all over the globe making pictures of the underwater world and considers himself lucky to have joined his love of photography with his love of scuba diving.

From Fiji, to the Philippines, to the warm waters of the Caribbean, to world-famous Lembeh Strait, Marcio has been “everywhere.” His portfolio includes the biggest fish in the sea, the whale shark, all the way down to diminutive frogfish. Marcio has come a long way since those Yashica days and now his weapon of choice underwater is a Nikon Z9 with Retra Flash strobes.

A bustling reef scene, Fiji

A pair of fluorescing fireworms, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

A colorful edition of Shawn the Sheep, Dumaguete, Philippines

One of the ocean’s most fantastic cephalopods, the wonderpus, Dumaguete, Philippines

A lemon goby, hiding inside a discarded bottle, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A stunning hairy frogfish, a star of the muck, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A clownfish family peering out of their cozy anemone home, Bohol, Philippines

A coconut octopus shelters inside of its mobile shell home, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A blacksaddle snake eel with a nosy shrimp, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A largely transparent, newly settled ornate ghost pipefish, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A sparkly disco seahorse, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A pair of white-eyed morays channeling their inner Muppets, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A goofy looking ghost pipefish, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A trio of anemonefish hover over their beautiful home, Bohol, Philippines

To view more of Marcio’s wonderful work, please give him a follow on Instagram and check out his website, www.marciocurvelo.org.


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