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Photographer of the Week – Kolin Hansen
By Matthew Sullivan, December 14, 2023 @ 08:00 AM (EST)

A diminutive ruby octopus inching across the sand, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

We’ll have to get some warm-water Photographers of the Week here soon, but this time around, we’re sticking with a cold-water shooter! Kolin Hansen is a diver, photographer, and artist from the Canadian province of British Columbia. As many underwater photographers can relate to, his fascination with the ocean began early. He seized every opportunity he could to spend time near the water—not an easy thing to do, growing up in the Canadian prairies.

Kolin was fortunate enough to complete his open water scuba course at Whytecliff Park on Vancouver Island. Whytecliff is more than just a training site; it is also a world-class macro site. Kolin says it was easy to become hooked on the underwater realm after being certified there.

Over the last several years, Kolin has invested in more courses, more cameras, and more equipment. One of the aspects of photography in general that most appeals to Kolin is constantly learning. Every time one explores underwater or picks up a camera, there is the potential to witness something new, find something new, or learn something new!

Kolin has merged his passion for the ocean with photography and art through his small business, Getting Salty. He creates marine-related merch, specifically featuring critters found in his local waters in the Pacific Northwest. It has allowed him to connect with divers all over the world. While we are featuring his still imagery here, Kolin is a highly skilled underwater videographer as well. He loves showcasing the bright, colorful, fantastical and often strange marine life of the nutrient-rich waters of the Pacific Northwest—in both still and moving pictures.

A beautifully colored nudibranch crawling up a blade of seagrass, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

A Stellar’s sea lion blowing bubbles for the camera, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The close-up textures of a vermilion sea star, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Once in a while, a nudibranch will take to the skies (open water), Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

A sharknose goby perched on the polyps of a coral head off Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize

An iconic cold-water nudibranch, the hooded nudibranch (they smell like watermelon!), British Columbia, Canada

Have you ever seen a drunk mosshead warbonnet? Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

A rainbow or anemone eating nudibranch cruises over the sand in search of its next victim, Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, Canada

A large Stellar’s sea lion performing a flyby, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The most common way to see a giant Pacific octopus, wedged in a crack with just its suckers exposed, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Putting an opalescent nudibranch in the spin cycle, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The white-lined Dirona is a stunning cold-water nudibranch, quite common in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

To see more of Kolin’s work, including his phenomenal video work, please give him a follow on Instagram and check out his marine life themed merch on his website, www.gettingsalty.ca.


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