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Photographer of the Week – Ken Kiefer
By Joseph Tepper, May 28, 2015 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

We’re willing to bet that we can guess the location of your underwater camera right now: It’s gathering dust on a shelf or in a suitcase while you wait for your next trip. That’s not the case for Ken Kiefer’s Canon 5D Mk III in an Ikelite housing

When not photographing sharks and dolphins in the Bahamas, Ken’s camera barely sees a dry day back in landlocked Texas. There, Ken extends his creativity beyond the bounds of the great blue yonder by photographing swimmers, family portraits and fashion shoots within the friendly confines of a local pool.

Ken’s portfolio is a reminder that underwater photography is much more than a scuba tank in a far-flung destination. So check out Ken’s impressively diverse portfolio, and then go dust off your camera. Seriously—it misses you.

Ken’s wife doing a flashdance-inspired pose, which he’s renamed “splashdance”

A college swimmer performing the butterfly stroke in a swimming pool

A great hammerhead in Bimini, Bahamas checks out the soundness of Ken’s dome port

A ballet dancer prepares for her first underwater shoot

A freediver enjoying a peaceful swim with a great hammer in Bimini, Bahamas

Two male Atlantic spotted dolphins have developed a lifelong friendship in Bimini, Bahamas

A diver comes through a frame

A new style of modeling... underwater, in the pool

An oceanic whitetip with sunrays near Cat Island, Bahamas

A fashion model’s daughter shows her parent how it should be done

Atlantic spotted dolphins in Bimini enjoying the sun peeking through the clouds


For more of Ken’s work or to inquire about his underwater portrait photography services, make sure to check out his official website


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