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Photographer of the Week – Jessica Pierce
By Matthew Sullivan, April 11, 2024 @ 08:00 AM (EST)

A wonderfully hairy, hairy frogfish actively hunting with its lure, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Jessica Pierce grew up on the coast of Maine, exploring the chilly coastal waters and playing in tide pools. She stills explores those waters but now from a much different perspective. Just a few feet below the surface looks so different than those tide pools from her childhood. While Maine does have a solid diving community, it is not an overly popular dive destination, and much of the diving she does is exploratory and she has found lots of her own dive sites. She says she loves being able to show local friends all the fantastic life that lives in the cold, murky waters, which can be so unique and upredictable.

Jessica has been diving for 11 years now but only started underwater photography in 2017. As many of us can related to, underwater photography is a creative outlet for Jessica, allowing her to share the wonders of the underwater world with others. Some of her favorite feedback is when friends tell her how much their children enjoy seeing her images, and she hopes her pictures can inspire the next generation to love, care about, and protect the ocean.

While her home waters hold a special place in her heart, Jessica loves traveling and adventuring to new destinations and meeting people that share her passion for diving and photography. Jessica says, with every trip her aim is to learn as much as she can and grow as a photographer. She credits many of her recent skills to a workshop she attended led by pro shooter Byron Conroy. Jessica’s skills have come a long way in just a few short years, and there is no doubt she will continue to make some stunning underwater pictures as she continues her photography journey.

Pods of spinner dolphins are a regular sight in the Red Sea, Egypt

A slow shutter snooted image of a shortfin lionfish, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

A whale shark with a remora entourage cruises below, Maldives

A flawlessly rim-lit flamboyant cuttlefish, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

An aesthetically pleasing school of snappers, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

A rim-lit portrait of a small spiny seahorse, Bali, Indonesia

Two manatees share a tender moment beneath their almost perfect reflection, Florida, USA

An exceptionally cute variation of Shawn the Sheep, Bali, Indonesia

A school of snapper in the sun rays, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Check out the claws on this gray seal! Maine, USA

Bunaken Marine Park is famous for its beautiful green sea turtles like this one, Bunaken, Indonesia

Tiger Beach has more than just tigers, and reef sharks are actually the most abundant species at the site, Grand Bahama, Bahamas

A slow shutter snooted scorpionfish (leaffish), Bali, Indonesia

To see more of Jessica’s wonderful work, please give her a follow on Instagram.


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