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Photographer of the Week – David Salvatori
By Lia Barrett, September 18, 2014 @ 04:00 AM (EST)

Mother and calf sperm whales, Dominica

Nobody could accuse David Salvatori of being a surface shooter. As is evident from his images, the viewer can detect a keen effort David makes to reach beyond the mere aesthetics of what he captures. The Italian-born physics major has been shooting for around six years and has amassed an extensive portfolio of images from pelagic, ice, lake, and murky river environments. DPG recently published his conservation piece on the Amazon River dolphin, a feature that illustrates the dedication he has towards his craft, as well as a snapshot into a beautiful, threatened, and at times, unforgiving environment. 

But what is striking about David’s work is his use of space and landscape. Whether it is incorporating over/under techniques or his composition choices, there is an atmospheric quality that enhances the viewer’s sense of place in relation to the subjects. He clearly has a talent and understanding of his surroundings, and subsequently produces his photographs accordingly. His portfolio will be a pleasure to follow in the future as he explores and captures other unique bodies of water.

Amazon River dolphins, Rio Negro River, Brazil

Mola mola, Camogli, Italy

Batfish on a night dive, Maratua Island, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Pirarucu, Rio Negro River, Brazil

Capo d’Acqua Lake, Capestrano, Italy

Nascente Azul Spring, Brazil

Under the ice, Sassolo Lake, Ticino, Switzerland

Salaria pavo blenny, Miseno Lake, Naples, Italy

Water flea with eggs, Capo d’Acqua Lake, Capestrano, Italy

David Salvatori

To see more of David’s work, check out his website: www.ilmaresonoio.com.



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