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Photographer of the Week – Brook Peterson
By Lia Barrett, December 31, 2015 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

One of the truly beautiful aspects of being an underwater photographer is being able to share the world beneath the waves with friends and peers. Images are like unearthed treasures that we bring back from our adventures and use to educate and inspire others. And it is this feeling of camaraderie and community that motivates shooters like Photographer of the Week, Brook Peterson, to grow in the art of image-making. 

Clean, well lit, and of the moment, Brook’s images showcase her experiences with artistic expression that are nothing short of profound. Her highly technical and richly colored images are complemented by her geometric compositions and captures of animal behavior. And even with the tiniest of subjects, her skills make their seemingly insignificant existence extraordinary.

Gorgonian in the kelp forest, Santa Barbara Island, California

Anemone captured at night, Anilao, Philippines

Juvenile Hermissendra crassicornis, Anacapa Island, California

Olive snake, Snake Pit at Northern Ribbon Reef, Australia

Yellow coral gobies, Anilao, Philippines

Mushroom coral pipefish, Anilao, Philippines

Anthias over a soft coral wall, Verde Island, Philippines

To see more of Brook’s images, visit her website: www.waterdogphotography.com.


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