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Photographer of the Week – Alan Egan
By Joseph Tepper, December 17, 2015 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

I’m picturing an underwater photography destination. It has tiger sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks, hammerhead sharks, dolphins, goliath groupers, and so much more. Any guesses? Fiji? South Africa? Nope—Jupiter, Florida, USA.

Underwater photographer Alan Egan packed up from Manchester, England, and relocated to Miami in 1984. Little did he know he would soon discover some of the best diving right in his own Florida backyard. Since then, he’s gone on to bring back stunning images from Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bahamas—but you can see the real passion for Florida, and its sharks, in the images below. 

Alan is always trying to showcase Florida’s diving, as it is a “no-passport-needed” destination for Americans, but is so often overlooked. Alan simply says: “We have some of the best shark diving in the world in our own backyard.”

What a photographer’s dream: a pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins swimming in the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is at its closest point in Florida at Jupiter, which is why Alan sees so many large species there

Tiger sharks are one of Alan’s favorite subjects. “So regal,” he calls them

A “lion” (fish) at “Tiger” Beach, Bahamas

When Alan is in his home waters, he practices wide angle, but he loves practicing macro photography when he travels abroad

The normally shy goliath grouper is seen to enjoy interaction during the spawning season

Twin gray reef sharks at Tiger Beach, Bahamas

It’s always a challenge to shoot the dark goliath grouper with strobes when there’s silver baitfish surrounding the subject

Spotted dolphins play near the surface at night

For more of Alan Egan’s work, make sure to visit his personal photography website.



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