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Five Reasons to Love Underwater Photography on Valentine’s Day
By Joseph Tepper, February 14, 2013 @ 06:00 AM (EST)

By DPG Editorial Staff

Call us romantic, but here at DPG we’d take a camera and housing over flowers and chocolates any day of the week—especially on Valentine’s Day.

This February 14th, we are celebrating V-Day the DPG way by sharing our five favorite reasons why we love underwater photography. From the big to the small, cuddly to creepy, or gills to lungs, underwater photography has something we all can love this Valentine’s Day. 


1. Macro Marvels

“I still don’t see it!” How many times has your dive buddy given this face to you underwater, only to look at your picture of a minute marvel back on the boat and have their jaw drop? The amazing selection of macro lenses and magnifiers we attach to our camera bring to life seemingly infinitesimal critters that might otherwise go unnoticed. From pygmy seahorses, blennies, nudibranchs and more, these small subjects have our big love this Valentine’s day. 


2. Fashonista Favorites

Not everything underwater has to have gills or fins. Whether combining supermodels with whale sharks to promote conservation or turning a water polo pool into a catwalk, underwater fashion photography combines the best of both the underwater and topside worlds.  




3. Wide-Angle Wonders

This Valentine’s Day, there’s no way better to look at someone you love than through a fisheye lens. Wide-angle underwater photography might be the trickiest to learn – all that composition, manual settings, lighting – but it is also can be the most awe-inspiring. 


4. The Places, the People

Surprisingly, not everything we love about underwater photography takes place…underwater. The passion for the ocean that we all share takes us to some amazing places, be it the hidden secrets right in our own backyard or halfway across the globe. Take a second with your head above the water and you will also fall in love with the many wonderful along the journey. 


5. Our Fin-ey Friends

Can’t say no to their toothy smile? Neither can we! Sharks have always been at the top of our list for favorite underwater subjects. But now more than ever, they are feeling the love from land-lubbers as well—the last two years saw important legislation and protection for these amazing creatures, so hopefully we can continue in a long term relationship.



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