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Video: GoMA What? Part 3
By Matt J. Weiss, March 2, 2009 @ 02:00 AM (EST)
By Rick Morris
It’s science, it’s always science and it’s what I do. I wake thinking about it and spend my days ruminating over it. Sitting at my computer I write scripts, edit films and correspond with researchers about science but not just any science; oh no, I live, eat and breathe Marine Science.

Now, with the invention of digital media, I also have to re-think how I approach science and what I have come to realize is that we, the media makers, have failed to make science interesting to our viewers. So I still produce long form films but most of all I have come to think of my trade in increments of 3 – 5 minutes. I have returned to my news coverage roots and, so, I now produce short film series and they work.

So in this, part 3 of my films about the Gulf Of Maine Area Program of The Census of Marine Life, I let you all in on a little secret, it doesn’t always go so well. Sure you see the successes but what about the expeditions that don’t go so well? This, then, is one of those stories and what I hope you take away from this is that scientists possess heroic spirit. They work and toil and even anguish over their thoughts and plans. They work incredibly long hours for average pay but they do it because they are passionate and dedicated. Researchers think outside of the box. They ask the questions we never even think of because they see the world with different eyes. They also have heart and, for some unknown reason, they also seem to like each other and even in failure they enjoy the work and their interactions with their community.

Keeping this in mind, the story begins as my alarm sounds. I reach for the headboard and the buzzing cell, it’s 2:30AM and my eyes and body rebel. I have to mobilize, however, because science waits for no one, especially the camera guy, me…



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