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Video: Chess Game Part 2
By Matt J. Weiss, April 11, 2009 @ 01:00 AM (EST)

Editor's Note-

If you missed part 1 of Chess Game, you can check it out here.

By Rick Morris

As I continue my journey into marine science and oceanography I often ask myself, “why”. Why do the scientists do what they do, ask the questions they pose and to what end? I also question my own motivation in following this path. Then I think about the world we live on and in and it all comes clear.

How do we continue to exist using the planet the way we do? One way is to support the sciences that study the planet like oceanography and the marine sciences; they definitely do that. In a recent article I read, on-line, the author was relating a story about a physicist from MIT who studies wave action in the ocean. The real eyebrow raiser was that these studies were being done so engineers could design a propeller that would harness subsurface wave action to run electric turbines… Light bulb moment!!! Non-destructive, green energy, what a concept. So now when I’m asked about my scientists; I’ve become a little possessive about the researchers I work with, I tell this story and then say, ”Imagine harnessing the power of a deep sea vent”?

With this in mind, part 2 of “CheSS Game” dives a little deeper into Dr. German’s science, probing his thoughts much in the way he explores the unanswered questions about the deep, dark and mysterious ocean. Suddenly, science is far more approachable, interesting and for Dr. German, humorous. Researchers like Chris German are just so inspiring and their personalities so magnetic that it can be hard to conduct an interview when all you really want to do is hang out and listen to them talk. That is what these short films are about and, hopefully, I have succeeded and you, the viewers, can begin to see the relevance in all they do and why.

To the nay-Sayers I pose this question, “Tell me who has a better idea and is doing more to unlock the box and move in a positive direction”? You see it’s easy to criticize and profess gloom and doom. I would venture that we have all done that, and I’m no exception. Fortunately, the researchers I work with are truly concerned with moving forward. In fact, the nature of what they do requires this attitude. That doesn’t mean they only see the world through rose-colored glasses. They just seem to view the glass as being half full about 90% of the time and I, for one, am glad they do.



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