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Video of the Week: Cat in Water Trailer
By Hergen Spalink, March 3, 2013 @ 09:33 AM (EST)
Source: Morgan Heim

We've chosen this trailer as our video of the week to support conservation photographers Joanna Nasar and Morgan Heim in their efforts to film and protect the fishing cats of Thailand.  Take a look at the description and trailer below to see what Cat in Water is all about.

"Not many cats would volunteer to go for a dip, but in Thailand, the fishing cat makes water its specialty. As their name might suggest, they like fish, and they like to swim. Well, wade around in the shallows is more like it, but they will dive and swim if the promise of a meal is good enough.
There are less than 10,000 fishing cats left in the world, and Thai biologist Passanan “Namfon” Cutter has found a small population making a final stand in fishing villages a few hours south of Bangkok.
Landing in Thailand during the country’s worst flooding in 50 years, American filmmakers Morgan Heim and Joanna Nasar make their way through the floodwaters to join Cutter in fishing cat country.
What they find is a land transformed by shrimp farming, the bounty destined mostly for U.S. dinner plates.
Due to an unexpected turn of events, Heim and Joanna soon find themselves left in a land without a translator, dodging bulldozers and running out of time as they struggle to get that one shot of a fishing cat they hope will help give it a leg up on survival.
The resulting film, CAT in WATER, follows these explorers as they uncover the stories of the fishing cat. Bullets fly in the night, land becomes unrecognizable and, at one point, the filmmakers find themselves in the middle of a cockfighting ring. But they also watch as a community comes together, struggling to fight for the cat and contend with the threats shrimp farming brings to their livelihoods.
In front of the camera, fishing cats transform from an endangered species into a symbol for the impacts shrimp farming brings to an entire ecosystem – one that also happens to include man.
With time running out and the help of new friends, can these girls out of water find the fishing cat before it’s too late?
Find out when the film goes live June, 2013."

- Morgan Heim

CAT in WATER Trailer Vimeo HD from Morgan Heim on Vimeo.


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