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Sharkwater Debuts Nov 2nd
By Jason Heller, November 1, 2007 @ 02:00 AM (EST)

An open letter from Rob Stewart - the man behind Sharkwater.

Hopefully by now you've heard about Sharkwater, the most award winning documentary of the year that broke box office records in Canada. Sharkwater was created over five years across 15 countries, and it opens in theaters throughout the US on November 2nd.

I made Sharkwater because I discovered that shark populations are being completely wiped out and nobody knew about it because what's out of sight is largely out of mind.

What started out as a beautiful film about sharks quickly evolved into a drama full of corruption, espionage, attempted murder charges, hospitalization and mafia chases in a film about humans' over-exploitation of the oceans.

The oceans are the most important ecosystem on the planet, containing life that absorbs most of the carbon dioxide (global warming gas) that we put into the atmosphere, converting it into 70% of the oxygen we breathe. That life is kept healthy by sharks, who, at the top of the food chain, regulate the oceans. And, shark populations have already dropped 90%. The oceans and our life support systems are being destroyed.

The largest threat to the oceans is a lack of awareness. If the public knew what was going on in the sea, the situation could be turned around just as it has for rain forests and holes in the ozone layer. But we need people talking and pushing the issue.

Sharkwater is an incredibly powerful ocean conservation tool in our arsenal. The more people we can get to see the film, the more we can unite the public around a new view of sharks and the oceans. We can fuel the movement to protect our seas, and ultimately, human existence on earth.

We need your help. See Sharkwater opening weekend  November 2nd. Encourage your friends, family and everyone you know to see Sharkwater as well. Forward this email to your entire contact list. Learn more about sharks and the state of our oceans. Get involved and get vocal.

It's a guerilla movement to save the oceans - and we need everyone's

Rob Stewart

For a list of theaters, and to learn more, visit www.sharkwater.com.



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