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Nauticam NA-550D For Canon 550D/T2i
By Matt J. Weiss, May 26, 2010 @ 08:53 PM (EST)
Nauticam's newest housing will be for the Canon T2i, currently one of the hottest cameras. Other than the Ikelite housing, this is the only other option for T2i users hoping to take their camera uderwater.  This is a top combo for those looking to enter the world of underwater SLR photography. The press release is below and you can find out more information about Nauticam on their interesting blog like website, Nauticamusa.com. You can purchase this product from DPG's retail partner,  H2O Photo Pros on their dedicated Nauticam site, Nauticamunderwaterhousings.com
Press Release

The newest member of the Canon DSLR lineup boasts an impressive number of advanced features at an entry level price point. Depending on territory, this camera is known as the Canon Digital Rebel T2i (North America), Kiss X4 Digital (Japan) or the Canon EOS 550D (worldwide). With its 18 megapixel sensor and 1080p HD video with manual exposure control, some pundits have called it a baby 7D.

Call it what you will, this camera is now ready to go exploring the underwater world!  Nauticam is proud to announce the imminent arrival of the NA-550D housing for Canon 550D/T2i. The NA-550D housing inherits the renowned piano keys from NA-7D housing, patented Nauticam port locking system, comfortable rubberized handles, and innovative ergonomic access to key camera controls.  New features include locking housing latches, lens release lever, a fingertip ISO paddle, and access to the camera’s playback button from the left handle.

Nauticam NA-550D housing for Canon 550D/T2i
Nauticam NA-550D housing for Canon 550D/T2i

Unmatched Ergonomics

In keeping with the Nauticam philosophy, the NA-550D housing continues to innovate while building on previous success. Notable examples are the AV+/- switch, new fingertip paddle on the top of the housing to allow easy access to ISO control, a unique rocker lever for easy access to the star (*) and focus point selector buttons, and a piano key for accessing the quick control button. The playback button is moved out to a lever on the left side of the housing accessed from the handle by the user’s thumb.  All of these controls are designed to allow the underwater photographer complete access to the camera’s important functions without removing their hands from the handles.  AV +/- is a pushbutton on the back of the camera body that must be held down while rotating a command wheel to change F-Stop in Manual Exposure Mode.  The Nauticam AV +/- switch brings this control to the right side of the housing, easily accessed from the handle.  This two position switch has a position for adjusting f-stop, and a position for adjusting shutter speed, eliminating the press and hold or long reaches required by other housings.  The fingertip ISO paddle is designed with video shooters in mind, allowing quick exposure changes from the handle.

Nauticam NA-550D housing for Canon 550D/T2i

Continued Innovation

Another innovative ergonomic advancement is Nauticam’s new two stage shutter release lever.  This mechanical lever greatly enhances tactile feel of the half press and full press positions of the shutter release button, allowing precise focus control, and less accidental shutter actuation.

New, easy to use locking latches eliminate the stainless steel latches used previously.  This new closure method reduces overall size and is easier to operate.  These locking latches are easy to close with minimal hand strength required, and protected from accidental opening by a locking detent.

A lens release button is offered as standard equipment, allowing lens changes while a zoom gear is attached without opening the housing back.

NA-550D housing is the smallest housing in the Nauticam lineup, which should appeal to anyone concerned with the large size of some DSLR housings. This housing can still accommodate the same accessories as all other Nauticam housings, allowing use of an extensive line of lenses, ports, port adapters, lens gears, and viewfinders.

Nauticam NA-550D housing for Canon 550D/T2i

Patented Locking Port Release Lever & Locking Extension Rings
Nauticam’s acclaimed Patented Locking Port Release Lever is incorporated into the NA-550D housing.  Lens ports are inserted straight into the Nauticam mount, eliminating the twisting or threading actions that can extrude dry o-rings.  Once seated, the large red port lock lever is engaged, securely locking the port in place.  To remove a lens port, the silver unlock button is pressed, the port lever rotated to the outer position, and the port is pulled straight out of the housing. 
Nauticam is pleased to offer the industry’s only locking extension ring system as standard equipment, securely fixing large dome ports even when mounted with an extension ring.

Patented Expanded Viewfinder
Nauticam’s optional accessory viewfinder provides a crystal clear life size view of the camera’s optical viewfinder through a diving mask.  The patented external dioptric adjustment allows eye relief to be fine tuned in water.  High quality optics eliminate distortion and keep color fringing to an absolute minimum.  The edge to edge, magnified viewfinder image makes confirming fine focus and checking corner composition an absolute breeze.

Port Adapters for Other Housing Lines
Nauticam offers a full range of port adapters allowing existing housing owners to use their current ports.  This greatly reduces the cost of switching to a Nauticam housing, and brings the benefits of Nauticam Innovation to a wide range of underwater photographers!  Port Adapters are available for Aquatica, Ikelite, Inon, Nexus M5, Nexus M6, Sea & Sea NX, Seacam, Subal Version 3, Subal Version 4, and Zillion lens ports.

Optical Flash Connectors for Inon S-TTL, and Sea & Sea DS-TTL
Reliable automatic flash exposure is available with Nauticam housings and a variety of optically fired flashes.  Inon Z-240, D-2000, S-2000, Sea & Sea YS-110 Alpha, and YS-01 strobes provide automated lighting, precisely reproducing the camera’s onboard flash at a proportionally greater intensity.  This system yields accurate TTL flash performance with no electrical sync cables to flood!  Nikonos, Ikelite, and S6 style flash connectors are available as optional accessories for customers utilizing legacy electrically fired strobe systems.

Rubberized Ergonomic Handles
Nauticam uses a sophisticated over-mold process to produce extremely comfortable rubberized ergonomic hand grips.  Handles are available in two sizes to accommodate customers with different size hands, and spacers are available with the housing for cold water divers.

Nauticam NA-550D housing for Canon 550D/T2i

Proven Construction Materials
Nauticam Housings are machined from a solid block of seawater resistant aluminum alloy, then hard anodized making them impervious to corrosion.  All hardware is marine grade stainless steel.  Acrylic windows protected with a scratch resistant material.


  • Depth Rating:  100m
  • Dimensions:  325mm (180 mm without handles) x 158mm x 120mm
  • Weight:  TBD

Standard Features

  • Patented Locking Port Release Lever
  • Sensitive Two Stage Shutter Release Lever
  • Optical Strobe Connectors
  • Rubberized Ergonomic Grips
  • Customizable Accessory Hole (allowing use of optional Nikonos, S6, or Ikelite Strobe Connectors and Hydrophone, Video Out, and Remote Control Connectors)
  • Embossed Control Function Labels
  • Quick Release Camera Mounting Shoe
  • Lens Release Button
  • Four Strobe & Accessory Base Mounting Locations
  • Complete Access to All Key Camera Controls
  • .66x Optical Pickup Finder (Enhanced 180 deg Viewfinder with External Diopter Adjustment Optional)



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