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Inon Announces Snoot Set For The Inon S-2000 Strobe
By Matt J. Weiss, May 28, 2010 @ 04:06 PM (EST)
Snooting is hot right now and Inon, being the innovative accessory company that they are, has come out with a snoot set for their popular S-2000 strobe.   The snoots come with two different aperture sizes, and can produce 6 different beam coverages from approximately 16 degrees to 105 degrees.

Underwater snoot photography can be difficult, but the results can be dramatic. Keri Wilk placed 5 times in the 2010 Our World Underwater photo competition with images shot using snoots.

For more information on the Inon snoots, see the information below that Inon issued today,  and for more information on using snoots read  Keri's guide to shooting underwater snoot photography.

Press Release -

INON INC. releases new accessory for INON S-2000 strobe to narrow down the beam angle  of the strobe, providing various effects such as:  to block extra diffused light eliminating backscatter, to highlight a subject or to make spotlight effect etc. on June 12, 2010

Inon snoots for S-2000

Snoot Set for S-2000
Set contents: Rubber Hood 52, W40Filter,LE x , Snoot Tube 10, Snoot Tube 26

Inon snoot set

Snoot Set for S-2000 installing on the S-2000

Snoot Set for S-2000 features

The INON Snoot Set for the S-2000 is an accessory for the INON  S-2000 to change the strobe's beam angle.  The package contents include  a two step telescopic Rubber Hood 52, Snoot Tube 26 (inner diameter 26mm /1.0"), Snoot Tube 10(inner diameter 10mm/0.4") and fly-eye lens structure. The various combination of packaged parts supports 6 different beam coverages from approximately 16 degrees (horizontal) up to approximately 105 degrees(horizontal) with the following sophisticated effects (*1)(*2);

  • To block extra diffused light eliminating backscatter
  • To highlight a subject by illuminating the subject only
  • To give a spotlight effect on a subject   etc.

Always conduct test shots to familiarize yourself with tge product characteristic before you take an important shot.  When using the S-2000 in S-TTL Auto mode for spotlight effect of this product, center spot metering mode on a camera is recommended since average metering mode or multi pattern metering mode could wash out the center of an image.  In case S-TTL Auto mode does not provide appropriate exposure, use Manual mode.

Make sure to cool down the S-2000 according to instruction manual (Compatible battery, operational limitation on flashing) provided with the S-2000 to prevent overheating/degradation of light emitting part/inner components.

Snoot Set for S-2000 sample images
Stargazer shot with inon snoots

Subject: Stargazer
Equipment:S-2000 x 1(Manual) with Snoot Set for S-2000 (using Snoot Tube 10)
Photo by: Ryo Minemizu at Osezaki, Shizuoka, Japan
underwater photography shot with inon snoots

Subject: Eplumura phalangium
Equipments: S-2000 x 1(Manual) with Snoot Set for S-2000 (using Snoot Tube 10)
Photo by:  Ryo Minemizu at Osezaki, Shizuoka, Japan

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