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Inon Announces XD Mount and Various Related Products
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, November 1, 2021 @ 09:00 AM (EST)

Inon has announced the XD Mount along with various products featuring the new bayonet mount. The XD Mount employs a lever-press and twist mechanism for quick and easy attachment and removal of lenses. Inon says lens anchoring issues due to salt buildup that can plague screw type mounts is avoided with the XD Mount.

The new XD Mount lenses are the UWL-95S XD wide-angle lens and three close-up lenses: UCL-165 XD, UCL-90 XD, and UCL-67 XD. Three XD Mount adapters have also been introduced: one for Olympus Tough TG series housings, one for Sony RX100 series housings, and one for housings with an M67 lens port. Finally, new conversion rings and lens holders have also been introduced.

The new XD Mount products are shipping now. Contact your nearest Inon dealer for pricing information.

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We are pleased to announce new bayonet mount “XD Mount”. Detailed information followed on the respective product page once available. The XD Mount products are available to order now.

INON's new bayonet mount "XD Mount" is easy to attach and detach by pressing the lock lever and turning the lens halfway. With the "XD Lens Holder", you can switch between wide and macro smoothly without storing a lens in BC pocket. You can comfortably shoot macro subjects and dynamic underwater scenery even in single dive. With the XD Mount, you don't have to worry about the lens anchoring due to salt build-up that can occur with screw type lens mount.

The newly announced products are as below:


  • UWL-95S XD wide conversion lens
  • UCL-165 XD close-up lens*
  • UCL-90 XD close-up lens*
  • UCL-67 XD close-up lens*

* The close-up lenses "UCL-90 M67", "UCL-90 LD", "UCL-67 M67" and "UCL-67 LD" can be converted to XD Mount by customer. Please prepare optional "XD Mount Conversion Set for UCL-90/UCL-67".

Housing adapter

  • XD Mount for PT-056/058/059
  • XD Mount for URX100A
  • XD Mount for M67 Port

"XD Mount" is exclusively designed for genuine housings for Olympus "Tough TG" series and Sony "RX100" series. The "XD Mount" is equipped with a stopper to prevent accidental rotation and rattling. Also, the "XD Mount" does not interfere with a fiber optics cable when a wide conversion lens is attached on an Olympus housing. No separate accessory is required for combined use of strobe and "XD Lens".

The "XD Mount M67 Port" is highly versatile enabling to attach on M67 lens port or on another brand housing.

Conversion ring

  • M27-XD Mount Converter for UFL-M150 ZM80
  • M67-XD Mount Adapter

UFL-M150 ZM80 attached on PT-059 via conversion ring

Also we have variety new lens holders to hold XD mount. The new addition to lens holder line is “Lens Holder Shoe Base”. The Lens Holder Shoe Base is attached on the cold/accessory shoe of housing. Since center of gravity doesn’t move much as like having a lens holder on an arm and other lens is nearby the lens being used, it is convenient to handle whole system and change the lens underwater.

New lens holders

Easy and quick switch of lens

AD Lens Holder Shoe Base application for GoPro set



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