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Ikelite Unveils TTL Strobe Bundle for Olympus TG-Series Cameras
By Ian Bongso-Seldrup, December 15, 2021 @ 07:30 PM (EST)

Following the announcement of its new DS51 II, DS160 II, DS162 and DS230 strobes, Ikelite has put together a handy TTL strobe bundle for users of the Olympus TG-series cameras—perfectly timed for the holiday season.

The bundle includes everything you need to start taking pictures with flash: one DS51 II strobe, one RC1 TTL receiver, a fiber optic cord, and a 7-inch ball arm (designed for Ikelite’s quick-release handle).

The bundle price, $904, amounts to what you would pay for the individual items. Check out Ikelite’s website for lots of other ways to accessorize your Olympus TG system.

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Underwater TTL Strobe Bundle for Olympus Tough TG-series cameras

If you're looking for an underwater strobe that is compact and easy to use to match your Olympus TG-3, TG-4, TG-6, or TG-6 system, then this is the choice for you!

In this situation, the turtle would be silhouetted without the flash of a strobe hitting its underside. When you're shooting a fast moving subject like a turtle, your distance-to-subject is changing constantly. TTL strobe exposure is essential because it's impossible to manually change strobe settings as quickly as the turtle is moving. Here the RC1 operates perfectly because the camera knows your strobe is attached. Other slave TTL systems may be confused a by the very light background and end up firing too weak of a flash.


RC1 TTL Receiver

The RC1 TTL Receiver utilizes the camera's built-in RC (Remote Control) flash mode for the fastest and most accurate strobe exposure possible. The camera recognizes the strobe is attached and sends a unique signal for each photo ensuring that the strobe emits the right amount of light every time.

This is much more advanced than most underwater TTL systems that trigger directly off of the camera's built-in flash. Other systems requiring the camera's built-in flash to fire are slower, drain the camera's batter, and will routinely over- or under-expose your image.

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Highly reflective subjects tend to be very challenging for TTL or manual strobe systems. It's easy to overexpose the subject and lose the details in their texture.


DS51 Strobe

The DS51 strobe is a favorite for being one of the smallest and lightest strobes in its class. It utilizes 4 AA size batteries and provides over 300 flashes per charge - typically much more when utilizing TTL exposure. Add a second DS51 strobe for more even coverage when shooting wide angle.

Compact Ball Arm

The Compact Ball Arm uses hard anodized aluminum components which are hard wearing and un-breakable. The reticulating ball socket arm system is easier to position than flex arms and expandable for almost any application. The 7" long arm section includes a mounting rail for the addition of an adjustable spotting light or constant-on video light using the Sliding Ball Mount # 4081.72.

With very small subjects you can easily get away with shooting a single compact strobe.

Fiber Optic Cord

Our multi-core fiber optic cord is designed for accurate and dependable triggering.

Additional Reading 

With larger scenes, dual strobes are preferred for even lighting and full coverage.

In the Bundle

  • DS51 II TTL Strobe # 40051
  • RC1 TTL Receiver # 4412
  • Fiber Optic Cord # 4501
  • Compact Ball Arm # 4080.05



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