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Eilat Epson Red Sea Competition: Day 4
By Jason Heller, November 20, 2008 @ 02:00 AM (EST)
by Keri Wilk
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The day began with a rush of photographers frantically trying to upload their images to decide which 6 would be their contest entries. I think most people said to themselves the previous evening (while half-drunk), “I’ll just make my choices in the morning, no big deal”, because when the 10am deadline was only minutes away, hung-over individuals were still waltzing in with full memory cards and with no idea which images to enter. The room’s air conditioner was quickly overpowered by the 50 sweaty photographers which constantly occupied it. Because of the procrastination-induced rush, the uploading deadline was extended by 2 hours to accommodate everyone.
Eilat Epson Red Sea Competition 2008
Participants frantically deciding which images to enter

Once the imaging center was finally emptied, the doors were locked and an eerie silence fell over the dive center. “What now?!”, people confusedly asked. The obvious answer for many was to go for the first relaxed dive in nearly a week, while others chose to stay dry and attend one of the workshops being held by Oren Fleischer (GM of Epson Israel) and Kurt Amsler.
Eilat Epson Red Sea Competition 2008
Kurt Amsler explaining the importance of “painting” with light to create special images, during his workshop

Those who chose to stay low-key during the day, may have had the right idea, because this evening’s party (sponsored by the Ministry of Cyprus) was in a league of its own. The group consumed over 20 liters of Uzo, which was accompanied by traditional music and food from Cyprus. Doing its job as a social lubricant, some of the most reserved individuals found themselves ‘busting moves’ in the middle of Manta Dive Center.
Eilat Epson Red Sea Competition 2008
Danny (forgot your last name!) dancing his heart out, perhaps after a few too many drinks… :)

While the music was pounding, judges were hard at work behind closed doors, choosing the winners of the competition. As loud and crazy as the party might have been, I imagine that it was no match for the arguments they must have had while deliberating between the high level of images taken throughout the week. We’ll find out all of the winners tomorrow at the event’s closing ceremony!

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